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Exhibition Designer


A designer who has his expertise in creating fixtures, furnishing and displaying stands for events as conferences, trades shows, exhibitions and temporary displays for museums, businesses and galleries is called an ‘Exhibition Designer’. Exhibition designers are also experts in creating visual displays that are used at conventions and trade shows. The exhibition designer works very hard in terms of planning a project and getting the desired results for his project and the unique thing about exhibition designer is that they use many different types of materials for their projects.

Within the category of exhibition designers there are many other exhibition designers as Arcade exhibition designers those who provide an expertise in exhibition installation and design for modular exhibition stands and custom build.

United Kingdom is well known for their exhibition designers who are categorized and have one of the marvelous expertises in designing.

Tasks of Exhibition Designer

The tasks of exhibition designer are:

  • Liaising with the lighting staff also known as technical specialists

  • Handling orders for designing supplies

  • Overseeing the construction of components in workshops especially in smaller companies.

  • Overseeing the installation at the exhibition venue

  • Presenting final specifications

  • Brainstorming on the ideas essential for planning with the clients

  • Producing their ideas as scale plans, computer-generated models and visuals and sketches.

Exhibition interior designers are usually employed by an independent studio or they are employed as a part of a team. There are some employers that include local and national government, large organizations as museums that have their own designing departments. There is great demand for the experienced and talented professionals who are experts in exhibition designing.

Training and Education

Exhibition designers come from various backgrounds as Architecture, industrial/product design, graphic design or interior design. The skills of an exhibition designer depend on the knowledge they have; computer aided design also known as 3D visualization; model making skills and conceptual design.

There are different companies that have their own expectations and standards expected from their designers.

Exhibition designers have a creative career; with them there is an ability of creating visual displays that draw attention that are pleasing to the eyes. The created exhibitions by any profession designer, is visualized or seen authentically in the use of texture, color, placement and scale in creating a setting that helps to hold and attract the attention of the guests.

Due to the heavy competitions in the market every professional exhibition designer uses different settings; the talent exhibition designer will always access the intended purpose of the display and the physical setting for the exhibition.

Exhibition designer always works in fast pace environment, so that they meet their deadlines accordingly. Profession exhibition designer will also take care in promoting the company that requires attention to every detail and requires plenty of flair.

This article has probably helped you in understanding the role of an exhibition designer. There are many attributes and many other important aspects that are probably very concise and succinct in this article, which are important to you in helping you to understand an ‘Exhibition Designer’.


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