Using Pre-emptive Marketing


Here are some of the biggest mistakes in marketing today and how you can fix them.

Small business owners are overwhelmed with too many advertising choices and quite often aren’t fully aware of the mistakes that they are currently making which may seriously be undermining their market penetration efforts , every marketing effort consumes time, energy and resources.

Start by stepping back and defining your market, what info, products or services do people want and what can or do you provide for starters, who is your target? Once you know WHO your market is, then start developing marketing plans that you are able to maintain committed focus on.

Focus narrowly and continuously hammer away at key ideas to begin making your brand stand for something, define what your marketing objectives are and work on making every dollar you spend generate more than the amount spent on advertising.

Commitment to a plan is the key: Backing it, implementing it, measuring it, adjusting it, Sticking with it and being patient are the keys to success. Business is often a marathon rather than a sprint, stick to plans you can consistently execute.

Here are some of the best marketing tactics that you can use today.

Simplify your marketing plans if and when you can to make them truly achievable; complicated plans often fail for lack of follow through. Focusing on being new, different or first is smarter than being better or cheaper than your competitors.

Once you define what category you are in, IE… Energy drinks, Personal care, Luxury home sales etc…Only then can you begin to build your brand within that category. You must understand where you deliver the best value and your staff must be able to relay that value proposition as well.

There must be a process that can be followed to effectively achieve your plans, the 3 P’s of productivity are said to be, Policies, Plans and Procedures or Sop’s Standard Operating Procedures, Mc Donald’s was built on this. Process liberates by creating understandable centralized strategy that can be disseminated to outlying decentralized locations for seamless execution.

The above doesn’t always involve large amounts of money, content is often king regarding online interaction today, e-mail communication and feedback is critical in addition to websites, Blogs and video’s for gaining and distributing insight, this in-turn helps in creating significant relationships with your market.

Once you have solid plans to execute do some research on sites like Jigsaw, Sales Genie and Hoovers online to target key high level decision makers who may benefit from what you have to offer.

Using pre-emptive marketing to begin marketing more effectively.

Today’s buying public knows when it’s being pitched or sold too, you must set yourself apart by building some meaningful trust, consumers want a conversation with the vendor through all the touch points you can provide: Websites, E-Mail, Blogs, Phone, Face to Face etc… All work towards creating an experience with you.

Research has proven that customers are 12 times more likely to buy and continue to do so if you make an emotional connection first. 90% of businesses provide facts, figures, features and status quotes which pale in comparison to focused efforts on emotions, beliefs, needs and a history that tells a story.

Instead of telling them all about YOU, try ASKING what do you need now, a year ago, how can I help you get to where you want to go now. Skillfully listen then you can define and deliver.

Start locally IE… town, city, county, state, country then globally, you can’t say everything to everybody so choose a specific audience and speak to some exact somebody’s within your specific niche first.

Seek to set yourself apart from your competition by being first, use storytelling, video, twitter, facebook, websites, blogs, e mail to reach, communicate and deliver relevant content to your audience while looking for feedback, your job is to out work, out hustle, out compete and out smart your competition using technology and new insights to be first in the minds of your potential customers and clients.

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