Social Media Marketing : A Preferred Digital Marketing Channel for Small Businesses


Today, small businesses are extensively making use of social media strategies to gain awareness and share in the market. They have identified the need to re-imagine business with a social mindset.

From a start- up or small business perspective, marketing through social media is more than just gaining likes, increasing  fans and followers,  re-pins and re-tweets, rather it has become powerful tool for brand promotion and lead generation. Small businesses that fail to create profiles on relevant social media channels forgo a crucial chance to engage with their potential target audiences, develop a unique story, and create a face for their brand in the virtual market.

Social media can make a big difference for small businesses at a low marketing cost and plays a significant role in to their marketing efforts

Most small companies don’t have that kind of money, time, or stamina that is required for carrying big marketing campaigns. Instead with social media gaining momentum they focus on expanding brand awareness, increasing traffic on the website, and building loyal followers. The use of Social Media Marketing Services enhance customer engagement and help in communicating regular updates to a set of targeted audience who could be the prospective clients.

Promoting the company’s brand name through social media posts are like virtual flyers or the online versions of newspaper advertisements. They build name recognition and help your budding business to form a reputed brand identity. The use of Social Media Optimization Services comprising networking sites like twitter, facebook, google+ etc., help in to building the brand,  generation of new sales prospects and to draw attention of prospective customers

It is vital to track metrics within your social media accounts dashboards to get the most of social media. The following performance indicators can be used to examine if your posts are boosting your brand or not:

•Impressions and reach- An impression maybe referred to number of times your particular post showed up in somebody’s feed. Reach on the other hand measures how many persons actually saw your posts. It may so happen that the same post shows up multiple times in someone’s feed.

•Mentions- Track how often your business is highlighted on the social media.

•Follower growth- Track the number of fans and followers on your networks and how much followers grow over a period of time. If you notice that a particular post or promotional offer attracts a lot of followers, create more and more of those posts or offers.

•Location- Gathering followers from a certain city, region , state, or country at large could open your eyes to gaining business prospects and expansion opportunities.

•Sentiment- Track sentiment of the mass by searching for the name of your company or username followed by words like “admire,” “best,” “bad,” or “fail.”

With customers exploring social media to get feedback on their ideas, products and services and procurement channels and methods, small businesses rely immensely on new-fangled social business methods. Social business methods have become the trick to increasing the number of clients on the other side of the counter, either real or virtual.

The shift in approach to Social Media Optimization Services in India by small Indian business houses is a huge turning point and is bound to propel their growth in the virtual market.




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