Language Barrier – a Problem to Outsourcing ?


When a UK based or US based company ( and similar) attempts to form a partnership with an India based web development company or decides to outsource specific works – often one starts thinking whether the language difference will cause a problem. India as a country has 29 states and over 17 dialects – mostly similar to Hindi or Sanskrit . The workforce consists of locales for whom English is not the First Language.
If this was a outsourcing of call center jobs or transcription work , language would probably have a major role – as both requires clear understanding of the accents, practice of speaking colloquial terms fluently and the same.
So what else could cause a problem over language ?
Emails – written communication – the sales / marketing people who receive client feedback or RFQ’s ( Request for Quote ) – should be able to clearly understand written instructions and reply with clarity and also follow basic etiquettes. What might seem trivial while writing to a friend may just work wonders to the recipient , who could be used to a friendly tone , instead of the crisp point wise replies marked with deep red .
Phone Calls – While working with a outsourcing partner, providing a phone number for emergencies may seem to be a good idea . However if this phone number happens to be attended by a non English speaking person, it will serve nothing but a source of irritation. So at the cost of being pestered ( doesn’t happen in a good working relation), one can think of giving the mobile number of a representative who can speak with clarity and patience – even if the resolution is not attained on the call in itself.
Web Page Copy – While doing website design work or web development , it is not common to also do Copy-writing, but it can be also a work which is part of the project . Now a web page copy could be something that requires a native tongue , a personal touch – which is difficult to give – unless you are in close contact with the outsourcing supplier , or unless you are acquainted with the locality and its terminology. It is very necessary that you understand what you are writing Copy for , the targeted demographics and the ideology of the business . A keen look at the basic grammar and a supervision of any finalized copy warrants a better response and results . Does it cost more – Yes , it costs more than the typical copywriting you get at 0.05p – does it make sense – Yes , it makes sense .

When you choose your new outsourcing vendor , you better make sure your outsourced partner is aware and is ready to take care of these points and probably more – and Language will not be a TRUE BARRIER


Hire PHP Developer


Hire PHP Developer

Times are changing! Companies are adopting newer ways of doing business today. With newer technologies being introduced in the market it is important for a company to adapt to innovative ways of doing business if they want to stay abreast in the competition. With fluctuating market trends and varying demands of clients and customers, organizations are coming up with flexible business policies to meet various demands. In fact, many companies have realized that in order to cope up with increasing costs and competition from other companies outsourcing certain online business functionalities like web development is an obvious solution. Many organizations around the world hire a PHP developer from a dependable web development company to get their job done at less than half the rate in their own country.

Outsourcing has become a popular trend amongst many organizations of today. Many companies engage in such a strategy in order to maintain constant growth as well as stability in the aggressive and competitive market. Business strategies like outsourcing not only help companies to save lots of money but to also enjoy quality products far superior and delivered in quicker time. The benefits of outsourcing and/or hiring a PHP developer can be listed below:

· It reduces costs significantly so companies can utilize those funds somewhere more productive.

· By outsourcing PHP development companies can be assured of quality manpower

· Outsourcing can also ensure quicker turn around time

· The company saves on time in finding and recruiting a PHP developer if engaged with a reliable IT Offshore Staffing company

· Set-ups like IT Offshore Staffing Companies often provide round the clock services and support to their partner clients

Developing web applications using open sources like PHP has also become a popular trend. In fact, PHP has been known to be one of the most effective open sources available in the market today. It enables companies to enjoy having customized web applications and dynamic websites that can do wonders to their online business. This programming language is easy to learn and it also supports multiple databases. Due to its eternal features customisation becomes significantly easy. Chat board, forums and many other dynamic applications have been possible due to this open source language. PHP programming not only offers flexibility but also helps delivers secure web applications that can work seamlessly on all kinds of browsers. If on tight budget then hiring a PHP developer is a smart move.

With increase in demands and limited resources many PHP Programmers have started charging higher prices, which becomes a costly proposition for many companies. This is why many small to large organizations have started to hire PHP experts from web development companies on contract basis or to hire full time PHP programmers from the market in order to create and maintain their business website. This not only helps them save time but also helps save money in a significant way.

Companies like IT Chimes specialize in offering cost effective web solutions to clients who are on a look out for quality dynamic websites. The company has a huge pool of talented PHP programmers, which other companies can hire on part time or full time basis. Such companies hire experienced PHP developers who are known to deliver web applications on time. To know more on how to hire a PHP Developer visit IT Chimes.

For more information on <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/870710’);” href=””> Hire PHP Developer</a> visit <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/870710’);” href=””>IT Chimes</a> or email

Why web design companies use Dotnetnuke technologies when they are developing websites


DotNetNuke is proven, free, open-source software used for publishing portals, corporate intranets and extranets, developing commercial websites etc. By using DNN modules, a dynamic website can be developed with certain ease. You can give a professional look to your website by integrating DNN modules to your dynamic website. Multitude of bigger companies uses the DNN modules for managing their multiple websites with their own design and functionality. It also helps them to be prepared for the future changes in the websites.

Web design companies use Dotnetnuke CMS because it’s very user friendly easy to maintain site without knowledge of technical knowledge. Our company works on Dotnetnuke CMS last 5 years and work more than 1000’s projects in past years and we continuously developing website in Dotnetnuke CMS and build numbers of Dnn skin for our clients and they all are satisfied with our services. Our team (Dnn Designer & Dnn Developers )guys expert in Dotnetnuke CMS because they sort out 1000’s of issue in Dotnetnuke as per client request so we have more confidence that we can do it anything DNN project like Psd to DNN skin and Dnn Module Development. In Dotnetnuke we provide these services Psd to DNN skin,  XHTML Dnn Skin, Convert existing HTML, Php website in Dotnetnuke CMS, HTML skin conversion job , Dnn Custom Module Development, Customize Dnn Modules etc.

Webkeon is a professional Dotnetnuke development, Dnn skin and container, Dnn module development and web development company specializing in CMS in particular Dotnetnuke. We specialized in website design for DotNetNuke Content Management System, Dnn module development and Dnn skin and container. We also developed customization Dnn module for any kind of website like ecommerce, real estate, dating, matrimonial etc. We also provide Dotnetnuke maintenance services or our experienced team can provide customized Dnn training to members of your staff who are responsible for maintaining or updating your DNN web site.

Webkeon offer a cost effective Dotnetnuke solution for companies and individuals customers seeking the Dotnetnuke skin & container expertise. Webkeon is a small company which means that we keep a very close relationship with all our clients. We understand that our success depends on our client’s success- that’s why the success of your business is our highest priority. We also develop customization Dnn module for any kind of website like ecommerce, real estate, dating, matrimonial etc. We also provide Dotnetnuke maintenance services or our experienced team can provide customized Dnn training to members of your staff who are responsible for maintaining or updating your DNN web site.

We need to Take Care few things when we develop any DNN skins

1. Flexibility of Dnn skin when customer start adding content it cannot our of Dnn skin

2. Who is the customer its layman or technical guy then Dnn skin according to that

3. Use proper CSS class and control Dnn skin with CSS

4. Dnn skin loading fast & quickly

5. Dnn skin should be validating with w3 validation

6. Use proper Dnn skin token

7. Before install skin check skin pack properly that all files and images in that folder.

Our mission is to provide DotNetNuke developers and site owners with visually appealing designs that will make their website look professional and up-to-date according to client requirement. If you’re looking for a DotNetNuke design company then you are right place because we provide you consultancy in Dotnetnuke technology.


Web Developer Skills in Most Demand


Web development requires specific skills that most hirers will always look for before making any decision. Developers are therefore required to exhibit proficiency is certain fields in addition to having basic IT and programming skills. In the highly evolving IT sector, stakeholders within the industry are constantly trying to acquire new skills in order to maximize their prospects of being employed as web developers. The following are the web developer skills that can increase your marketability as a developer;


Currently, PHP is the most demanded programming language. PHP is popular because it is an open-source language meaning that most developers use the programming language for server side scripting. PHP has a large network of open-server developers who use it as a backbone in among other frameworks; osCommerce, WordPress, MediaWiki and PHPbb. When being used for general web development, PHP works best in non-Windows server environments.

JavaScript and AJAX

JavaScript is mostly used on the client-side scripting process. On the other hand, AJAX, developed in 2005 by Google support utilizes Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In comparison with the likes of VBScript and Jscript, JavaScript is the most popular of the three because it enjoys the support of various web browsers. JavaScript is therefore a coding language that few web developers can survive without.

AJAX enables the developer to create faster and interactive web pages. AJAX is the one that enables JavaScript to communicate directly with the servers. This allows for thee exchange of specific data without necessarily having to reload the page.

Structured Query Language (SQL)

SQL allows for the interaction with relational databases. In web development, more complex website often make use of databases. The use of databases becomes even more extensive depending on the complexity of the website. Despite the fact that SQL is more of a programming language, basic skills in SQL coding are required in web development.

Flash and Action Script

Adobe Flash and ActionScript are used interactively for their functions to work effectively. Adobe Flash is one of the best development environments that creates dynamic visual representations for the web. ActionScript on the other hand add interactivity to the presentations on Adobe Flash. During web development, it is important that the final design has well created web applications. This is one of the reason why Adobe Flash enjoys a lot of demand in the industry. Currently, there are some web developers who use stand-alone Flash applications to develop the entire website. However, there are other websites that utilize simpler flash animations. It is such websites with simple flash animations that need to use ActionScript to accomplish the former.

A career in web development does not require the interested person to know a thing or two about web development. The challenging environment requires advance programming, web development and scripting skills. Knowledge of the latest coding and programming languages is also essential which is why certain web development skills are considered essential for web developers in both web startups and corporate environment.


The Difference Between PHP and JavaScript


PHP and JavaScript are both scripting languages commonly used in web development. The big difference between the two is where they are most often employed. JavaScript is the primary language for execution by the client side, i.e. the browser. PHP, a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Processor, is typically implemented on the server side. As such, it is insulated from the variances in browsers and desktops that has handicapped JavaScript.

Server-side scripts for web pages are also coded in languages like Perl or C, but PHP has gained popularity in the role. One advantage PHP enjoys over alternatives is that it was created for scripting web pages, and thus has features for performing a number of typical web design functions included. Another plus is that PHP was designed to coexist with HTML; the acronym originally meant Personal Home Pages. When used to output text, PHP is embedded within the HTML code, whereas in the case of Perl, the opposite situation usually exists — the HTML would be produced by Perl code. The net effect is that the PHP and HTML solution is cleaner and more readable.

PHP does well in terms of execution time performance. PHP developers have made optimization a priority. As with database improvements, performance gains made on server-side scripts greatly enhance the efficiency of a web site. Unlike languages that compile code in advance and keep binary executables for processing requests, PHP compiles scripts when they are used. To save the cost of having to compile the same code for every request, a code cache is used to reduce the compilation required.

Although either PHP or JavaScript could be used on the opposite side of the web client-server relationship, neither is truly general purpose. Both are best suited to the respective niche where they evolved.


Know How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency?


It is well known that An Ideal digital marketing agency combines strategic brand consulting and design expertise of a traditional design studio with the innovative, ahead of the curve a acumen of new media digital agency. It should also be able to provide suggestions from strategic consulting and latest creation and implementation of web design and web development solutions; it should be able to deliver an elevated brand experience for the users through the integrated use of the best practices, good ideas, people and latest technology.

Some of the marketing skills that are used by these creative digital agencies include pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), web review monitoring, newsletter designing and campaign set up, SEO copywriting, video promotion and many more.

Some of the digital marketing agency uses to bid to provide full service but they usually fail to fulfill them all. Hence before deciding on a digital marketing agency to do your business promotion one should make sure that the digital agency is fully equipped to market  and build brand online. The digital agency you are going to hire should be able to advise a few improvements instantly, put together a list of suggestions and recommend those suggestions in a detailed scheme. Let the digital marketing agency refer to your existing website and make some booking path recommendations, web design and structure. Make sure your plan includes PPC, full-fledged SEO, link-building strategy (one way, two way and three way), website updates (designing and development), monthly newsletter, web-review monitoring tool and social media optimization (SMO).

It should also be checked that the digital marketing agency you are hiring is up-to-date with the latest technology and trends in the business that is going to help you stay ahead of your competitors. The digital agency which you are going to hire will become your business associate. Before you chose a digital marketing agency for your brand take a close look at its website, their previous work experience, their strength and technical skills. If the digital agency is able to develop and build your website, you must be impressed and satisfied with their services.

In summary, digital marketing agency should be able to provide all marketing and web related services under one roof.


3 Basic Social Media Tips for All Local Home Improvement Contractors



Darren Salyer of Total Home Remodeling in Wentzville, MO has been running FaceBook ads since December 2009.  By March 2010, he had only spent a total of $125 dollars to gain some needed attention for his then struggling business.

As a result of his dabbling in Social Media Marketing (SMM), Darren’s Facebook fan page received eighty-four clicks over the three month period with about sixty-five of those visitors moving on to review his business website.

It would seem that the marketing effort paid off for Total Home Remodeling, which was rewarded with three nice jobs to bid on. The total value of the three bids was $87,000. Not bad for a $125 total investment.

Under the marketing blog where Darren Salyer posted the results of his online marketing strategy, he reported that “things look good” for getting all three of these contracts signed.  Regardless of the final outcome, he snagged three promising opportunities that many not otherwise have come his way had he not given FaceBook’s pay-per-click advertising a try.

Hard Times Call For Hard and Fast Solutions

The current recession has taken its toll on the construction industry. Many independent contractors have been forced to close up shop; while those still hanging on have had to cut back and revise their marketing strategies as Darren Salyer may also been forced to do.

Strapped for cash, many small contractors have had to resort to lower-cost business marketing ideas to bring in more work. Social Media Marketing has proved to be rather effective in helping some of these builders and handymen reach out to a new audience of Web savvy consumers; many of whom live locally and are  in need of  quality home improvement services.

Local contractors are, for the most part, chasing the same limited pool of work in their area and should be seeking out marketing strategies and tactics to help them stand out among those in an increasingly competitive crowd. The Web offers these small business owners what may be the marketing equivalent of “low price flights” to the usual year long PennySaver ads, which come with recurring cost.  Very often these kind of local ads offer little or no response during extended periods throughout the year.

Andy Gaur, CEO of RiaEnjolie Inc. (, a New Jersey web page design company specializing in professional looking and affordable websites for general contractors and other tradespeople, is very well attuned to the world of traditional and social media marketing. “It is much better to be preparing a well conceived and comprehensive marketing plan and getting ready to use an appropriate mix of outreach strategies rather than just sticking with just one or two that haven’t been working so well lately for most general contractors,” says Gaur. “If you don’t jump on different things – like Social Media – that show promise, you may end up in a struggle to retain your current customers and fail to gain new ones that are unaware of your business and what you can offer them in quality workmanship, good service and competitive pricing.”

Social Media Can Add Depth to Your Marketing Effort

You say you don’t get Social Media? You will not get ‘it’ until you have experimented with ‘it’. We all engage in Social Media Networking and Marketing in ways the suit our own unique needs and personal styles. Some use it to promote their business.  Some use it to research information.  Some use it to create a network of friends and business people to communicate with.  And, others use it to “lurk” and listen to the conversations of others. For them it is  a way to better understand different points of view.

Your time is at a premium, so take some baby steps with social media. Reconcile the time spent on Social Media Marketing by accepting the value of the “conversations” you’ll be soon be engaging in with your existing and potential customers.

No matter what your approach is to social media marketing, you should have a strategy and goal that keeps you focused on your target audience and the ultimate prize – doing business with them. Rather than complicate things too much; here are three steps that apply to almost every small business engaged in Social Media Marketing:

Tip 1: Listen. Blogger Tania Yuki in her post on shares the following advice:

“People are talking about your business, so you may as well get down in the weeds and know what’s going on.”

Tip 2: Engage. “Social media is the tool, social engagement is what you do to create awareness and earn sales” This is according to Social Media Guru, Brian Solis, who has offered a number of bestselling books dealing with Social Media for business. Solis goes on to explain that “Creating a presence in social networks is mandatory, but it’s also not enough. Actively and thoughtfully engaging consumers in social networks is quickly becoming an expectation. It’s up to your business to develop a following.”

Tip 3: Respond. Great response begins with great listening. Lindsay Lebresco of Conversation, a Social Media agency recommends the basics like Google Alerts, Twitter, Technorati and search engines to search out key categories – using keywords – that will let you know what people are saying about you and your business. Carefully read and understand what is being said; (if the remarks are negative) take a few deep breaths and perhaps sleep on it; think of a positive way to frame your response and respond in an appropriate manner.

Before You Can Soar You Must Build A Place to Land

Oh, by the way there is a preliminary step to these three. You won’t be successful in social media marketing without, first, having an effective website for your consumers to visit when they want to check you out.  Most potential customers start their consideration process at your website. It must be professional looking, informative and able to bring them to whatever the next step is that you want them to take leading to doing business with you – a “call to action.”

So take a look at your website and ask yourself the following questions about it? Does Your Website Really Measure Up?

1. Is your website’s design aesthetically pleasing?
2. How intuitive is your website to navigate?
3. Does your website have a clear statement of PURPOSE near the top of its homepage?
4. Is your website copy concisely written and richly informative?
5. Do you update your website content REGULARLY?
6. Does your website have a “call to action” on every page for customers to respond to?
7. Does your website’s index page draw visitors further into its content and to where you display and sell your products and contract your services?
8. Is your website designed to encourage future visits (i.e. is there a newsletter; a tell-a-friend feature; a blog with an RSS button to subscribe with?)

Contractors, you can definitely “build some sweat equity” into the process of social media and most likely will get the business results you are looking for. You just need to be smart in the ways you employ the Internet in order to be easily found by consumers and then, be able to impress them when they land at your website for their very first time.

If your website passes the effectiveness test and if you have done all your homework with regard to local geo-search, you’ll be very pleased at the additional phone calls you’ll be getting from local customers looking for a reliable residential general contractor in the local area .

Marc LeVine is the Director of Social Media for RiaEnjolie, Inc. a NJ-based web development company specializing in professional looking and affordable websites for small businesses.

Read Marc’s full Bio at:

Follow him in Twitter: icanewfriend


Web Development Services: Necessity, Limitations And Its Impact On Masses



Web development generally became the necessity of the individuals today. Last two decades technologist continuously strive themselves to unleash their standalone programming potentials to make a common platform where lots of players across the globe can share their in formations. The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners Lee in 1991 which bridged the gap between the centralized and decentralized software applications. Hence web became the necessity and the purpose of globalization.

Gone are the days when individuals had to do paper work each and every official as well as personal work. Loads of books on the back have been replaced with laptops and online learning and training institutes are mushrooming here and there. Queue on the bank and railways has been shifted to the stack on the server and executives are being replaced by the client or personal computer with internet running client server and web applications.

Fraud is being monitored and controlled 24 hours a day with the help of applications. Moreover the rapid craze of social media has once again pulled the users to its side.

Social networking site has been a common place for the variety of individuals ranging from school children to college guys, from brokers to sellers, from organizers to managers and from buyers to sellers.


Birth of every new technology gives us a light and hope for every individual that something better is going to be happened. As every new gadget are developed and invented keeping the view of the necessity of users or in terms of business as customers.

Upon the curiosity, everyone looses their sense for a while and hence makes a way to the intruders for allowing them to do some unethical stuff, here where security measure comes to the point.

Many personal details have been hacked so far and many lives have been lost over the decade due to some sites on internet. Lots of banking transactions are being done everyday and many sites are being hacked. Web applications services have been developed from small text website to a large complex portals but none of the applications guarantees its security.

Cyber terrorism leads to a new form of law known as cyber law hence cyber security came into force. Each good and worse activity on web carries with it a ripple effect on others. Hyper text transfer protocol appeared as insufficient and hence new protocol called secured hyper text transfer protocol has been developed for ensuring a better secure communication between client and server. It is now being used by many electronic commerce and banking related sites.

Impact on Masses:

Web Development Services fulfills the needs of an individual or business organization who wants to make their services or name on a global presence. The impact of web development is on the head of every alive species on this planet whether its a business man or fun loving individual. Former is hungry for business information needs and later for having fun. Lots of individuals are engaged themselves chatting, playing games on the internet.

Every small and big organization is striving to make their products and services global. Due to the demand of applications Web Development Organizations throughout the globe are striving themselves to deliver websites faster and better. Hence web development service is being considered as the key service for the mankind today.




Today, we have a wide range of programming languages which have helped us in creating projects for different purposes. Two major programming languages that have attained a huge amount of success in the recent years are Java and .Net. The Software Development Services Providers have used these two technologies on a very large scale. The field of web development has also been greatly benefited with the introduction of different programming languages.

In my article I would like to make you familiar with some exclusive facts about Java and .Net. The Software Development Services offered in the present year mainly involves the features of both these technologies.

Java has been exclusively used for carrying out efficient web development. Today, the web services are developed using the Java technology API? and tools which are provided by many integrated Web Services platforms. Various webservice stacks consists of JAX-WS, JAZB and WSIT which enable the programmers to create secure Web Services. JavaScript can actually make your website even more interactive. You can easily use the Java scripts in order to perform different activities such as form validation, browser identification and advertisement management etc. Using Java scripts can help your website feature rich with enhanced features. JavaScript can be easily used with any language that is used for web programming. You can easily use JavaScript to handle all your client side activities. Java also includes Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). This feature allows a website to display its contents without the need of refreshing the web page again and again. It has also been helpful in transferring a large amount of data from the server side to the client side without much delay using XML.

On the other hand, ASP.Net programming has also been an immense success in the recent years. It allows the programmers to build dynamic websites, web services and web applications. In order to use the ASP .NET technology you need to have a web server and a .Net framework. The different steps which are involved in creating a simple ASP.NET web page include the following:-

?hoosing and defining the language you wish to use on the framework (like for eg: C# or Visual Basic).

?reating an HTML Form.

?ing this form to the server you wish to use.

?he processing to be carried out on the server side.

The web server can either be Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) or an Apache 2 .The different Software Development Services offered by the software firms include the features that have helped in completing the projects related to different fields within a very short span of time by using either of the technologies. The Software Development Services offered using these technologies have helped different business firms in achieving their goals within a short period of time. Having an excellent website for your business firm can help you achieve an immense amount of popularity all over the world. I hope by now you might have got an introduction about using Java and .Net for web development.


Michigan Search Engine Optimization Services


Search engine optimization services in Michigan are provided by local internet marketing companies which specialize in helping small businesses / mid-size organizations to grow their businesses using advanced Internet technologies. This being the age of the internet, e-commerce websites are increasing day by day with an eye to procuring increased sales and associated profit. As in many other parts of the US, natural SEO services companies in Michigan have started extending their services locally with a goal to place websites high in the natural or “organic” listings of major search engines.

SEO plays a vital role in internet marketing. Therefore most of the business website owners who are aware of the importance of optimizing websites, go for search engine optimization services in Michigan. Effective website optimization can provide top rankings in search engine results. The natural tendency of internet surfers is to choose to browse websites that are positioned at the top of the search engine list. The rest of the sites are most often neglected. By making use of SEO services, websites can attain top positions and provide maximum accessibility for the users. Thus the right customers whom the website focuses on will visit the site and help the site achieve its business objectives.

For making web optimization service more effective you have to choose the best SEO Company. Reputable SEO firms use the most advanced tools for providing efficient search engine optimization services in Michigan. Most of these firms also provide SEO consulting service. Website owners who already have their websites optimized can avail themselves of these consulting services to improve the functioning of their domains. Effective optimization can easily secure your website a position among the top ten sites in the results of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others.

As new business websites are created day by day, the need for SEO service has also increased. Search engine optimization services are available in most of the cities in Michigan – Farmington Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Lansing, Maple City, Sturgis, Port Huron, Novi, Clawson and Newaygo being some of them. Other web oriented services provided by SEO firms include web designing, web development, ecommerce solutions, and blog marketing. Having realized the importance of website optimization in internet marketing, many e-commerce website owners now show a strong leaning towards obtaining the search engine optimization services of internet marketing firms in the state of Michigan.