Importance of Ecommerce Web Development in Modern Era


In present scenario, ecommerce web development is gaining huge popularity. These stores not only help you in selling your products but also enable you to create your distinct identity on web.

These days, the importance of ecommerce has increased in the business. Ecommerce can be understood as the doing business or buying or selling products or services over the internet or electronically. These electronic systems are the networks through which the desktops are connected to the World Wide Web. This has become a prominent activity over the internet.

With this increasing popularity of ecommerce, ecommerce web development has also got huge importance. Thus, for the web developers, e-commerce website development has become a latest business trend. This new concept has revolutionized the way of doing business on internet. By providing the superior quality ecommerce solutions, this business has emerged as the most innovative way of doing business. Further, it has a great impact over the online business. 

There are a huge number of small businesses that have started their online shops. Hence, this has resulted in raising the demand of shopping cart development. E-commerce website development offers greater chances of understanding the client’s requirements and offers easy and quick interaction to approach various dimensions. 

For creating an online store, it is very necessary to develop an e-commerce website which is highly attractive, eye-catchy and feature-rich. All these things help the businesses to attract more and more customers towards their website. Various software tools like shopping cart, X-cart, Magento, Mambo and osCommerce are used to develop these e-commerce websites. By adopting this method of ecommerce web development, the sale of the products and services increase automatically over the internet and that too without compromising the flow, attributes and performance.    

There are various professional Ecommerce Website Development companies, available in the market, which are providing these ecommerce solutions to their clients. These companies enable to maintain client’s trust, reliability and confidence over these online businesses. Hence, the developers are responsible to create the website that understands the client’s requirements, create healthy relations between the business and the clients and provide better opportunities for growth of the company.  

For starting an online store, it is very necessary that an enterprise must hire a well-known ecommerce website design company that can fully understand the business needs and objectives. Choosing the best web developer will enable you to advertise and sell your products and services in a better way. This will also help you to grow your business with a rapid pace. The only thing that you need to keep in your mind is that your online store should be attractive, functional, trustworthy and easily accessible.  


Software Application Development VS Web Application Development


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Internet has slowly taking over as something important if not part of our life. Most of us need the internet connection for majority part of our life, be it for studying purposes, doing researches, work related stuff and some of us have even venture into ecommerce as well as shopping just in front of the computer monitor screen. The Internet has made our life so easy that businesses started to mushroom without the need of much capital unlike traditional businesses. What is more important, side business like web site hosting and software development house are also mushrooming out of nowhere.

Software development is no longer like previously whereby most of the software development is done offline and the applications are not portable to from one to another platform. Because of this reason, some are slowly moving towards web development as developing web application can cheaper or on par with the software application.

Web development company is also like a software development house, but this company will design and develop ecommerce websites or web application according to the customers need. Ecommerce website or web application that the company developed has to be able to support multiple platforms ranging from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and even Safari. By supporting multiple platforms, target audiences will not be fixed or limited to use only certain browsers, thus in the long run will generate more traffic and community of the ecommerce website or the web application.

With smartphones slowly a trend, web application or ecommerce website must be supported to mobile platforms as well – thus coding is tedious as programmer must write a function using shorter code.

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Designing Using Css, Cascading Style Sheet Website Designs


Many website development companies, in earlier times used simple HTML to design websites. However, when certain design needed to be changed, it became very tedious to carry out those changes across all the pages of the website. Cascading Style Sheets, also popularly known as CSS, solved this tiresome task of making changes to every web page or the HTML document
Website development companies started using CSS to make their work easy of formatting the HTML document. Before CSS was introduced HTML tags were used to characterize fonts, tables, headers, paragraphs, and so on. The browser would then read these tags and present a formatted HTML page to the user. Tags for various formatting structures were embedded within the HTML and the content of the website. With more HTML tags getting introduced it became a little difficult for the website development company to manage the content and the presentation of the website. Introduction of cascading style sheets made it possible to separate content from the style of the website. One of the significant advantages of CSS was that it allowed the developers to organize the formatting and content of more than one page at one time
CSS has been evolving for quite some time now and web development companies have been adapting to the latest versions. After scaling out CSS1 and CSS2 versions, CSS3 is currently being developed and is being modularized. There are various ways in which the CSS can be sourced for the HTML page in the browser.

  • The web page designer/developer can define style sheets that can be referenced from an external file or embedded into the HTML page itself.
  • The user can have styles defined for the browser that will override the styles applied to the webpage. Such a CSS file is stored on the local computer of the user.

Though CSS has simplified things for designers and website development companies, there are still some limitations that must be certainly considered when using cascading style sheets.

  • The browser support for CSS is not standardized yet and older versions of some browser cannot decipher the style tags. Thus the desired layout of a webpage is not completely obtained.
  • Designers at times need to compromise on the visual effect of the webpage, as it is not possible to have different backgrounds for every graphic element.
  • CSS does not support any shapes other than a perfect rectangle thus putting a limitation on use of aesthetics for various shapes.
  • CSS does not allow full control on the vertical placement of the layout as much as it does for the horizontal placing of elements on the webpage.

There are few other drawbacks that might limit the use of CSS. However, these are being worked on in current version CSS3 and certainly with the advantages and the ease that CSS offer, it is unlikely that website development companies stop using CSS.


Web Designer Vs. Web Developer the Classic Argument Between Form and Function


Most people begin their website project with a search for a professional web designer or web developer and don’t even realize that there is a difference between the two. However, they are very different types of people and they both come to your project with their own points of view. Deciding what type of site you need will be the first step in determining what type of person you need for the project.

The Type of Website You Need: Static or Dynamic

The first place to begin when choosing who to build your site, is to decide whether you are going to need a static or a dynamic website. A static website is sometimes called a “brochure website”. On a static site, once all the information has been uploaded to the server, it stays the same. It only changes when a webmaster goes out to the site and makes updates. Therefore, all users see the same thing. It’s much like handing out a traditional business brochure. All of your customers see the same thing until you have your brochure redone.

With a dynamic website, what the user sees will change, based on their input and thus is a more complicated and costly type of website. A dynamic website requires advanced programming to operate correctly. The programs must execute different results, based on what the user requests. A “search” feature is one dynamic element contained on most websites. Any ecommerce site is an example of a dynamic website.

Form – The Web Designer

The web designer’s job is to focus on the layout and look of a website. They choose the color scheme and make decisions on how the text and graphics are displayed. They are concerned with the impression the site gives the visitor and how the visitor will navigate around the site. They are usually skilled in Photoshop and other graphic software. Many web designers begin their careers as graphic artists and are skilled at getting the site to have the “look and feel” that you want. They create your image on the Internet. Web designers usually have the skills needed to create static websites on their own.

Function – The Web Developer

Web developers, on the other hand are programmers. They usually handle more complicated sites and know various scripting languages. Their focus is on the interactive features of a site such as the shopping cart for an ecommerce site or a survey form or an order form. You will need the services of a web developer for a dynamic website.

Which to Choose

Knowing what kind of site you need in the beginning is important because if you hire a web designer to build your website and you did not factor into the requirements that you were going to need, for example, an advanced multiage form, you will end up with a very nice looking website that does nothing for you. If you go the other way and have a web developer build your site, you could wind up with a very functional site that looks terrible. Design is always going to be secondary to a developer.

If you need a dynamic website and the person you’re considering is more of a designer, the project can still be successful. Just be sure to have them show you some websites with some dynamic functionality that they have built to make sure that can handle your job.

If the person you are considering is more of a developer, check their portfolio and make sure that they have the resources to partner with designers to produce a high quality website.

If you’re still not sure which way to go, web designer or web developer, you would be better off leaning towards the web designer because the designer deals with that all-important first impression. Most Internet users decide within the first 3 seconds, whether or not they are going to stay on a site. Your project will be successful with a web designer as long as they have good web development resources as their disposal.

Usability – Where Form and Function Meet

Usability refers to how quickly and easily users can accomplish what they want to do, on your site. If your site is difficult or frustrating, they will quickly leave.

You need your website to achieve your business objectives and if it’s not, then it is not a design problem, it is not a development problem, it is a usability problem. Usability is the common thread that binds form and function together.

When considering who to hire to build your website, a web designer or a web developer, be aware that they both have their strengths and limitations. A web designer will give you the right colors and the right look for your site and they understand what people respond to. The developer will give you the interactive elements for your site such as a shopping cart, a sign-up form or other dynamic functionality. However, design and development must work together to get your customer to buy your product or to contact you about your services.


Mambo Website Design & Development – Make Your Site Web 2.0 Compliant


Mambo is an easy-to-use open source content management system. Its simple web interface helps you to create and manage your website in an effective manner. In this highly competitive online business atmosphere, you can have an extra edge with a website equipped with the latest features like advanced templates and robust application programming interface (API) – all these and more that Mambo comes featuring with.

If your website is complex, Mambo CMS is definitely the need.

With the help Mambo Website Design & Development you can make the web indexing of the static pages of your website easy and automated. You can add numerous user-friendly features like RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, forums, polls, calendars, website searching, language internationalization in your website with the Mambo. You can easily transform your website to the web 2.0 version with the above interactive features. This content management system has been tested on operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista. Mambo has the display compatibility with most major browsers including Internet Explorer (version 5.5+), Netscape, Opera and Mozilla/Firefox.

You can hire a professional or outsource the Mambo Website Design & Development. While hiring or outsourcing, you should ensure that the person/company you are entrusting is well versed in MySQL database and PHP programming architecture. The professionals needs to be updated regarding the latest mambo techniques, web development standards, growing diversity in the online marketing arena and the necessities of the business he is catering.

Integrating the essentials factors for right promotions and advertisement of the website need s to be the concerning area of the Mambo Website Design & Development professional. Hence, before hiring/outsourcing analyze your needs and core efficiency of several Mambo Website Design & Development companies and decide accordingly.


Web Copy Writing and Web Development


Copy Writing for Online Success
Web copy writing via outsourcing is the best way to ensure that your website is complemented by impeccable English and refreshing writing style. Outsourcing provides benefits such as cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and professionalism, at the same time granting the businessman a welcome break from HR and operations management regarding web copy writing tasks.

When visitors study a website, they do not focus entirely on the web layout, pictures, and animation integrated into the main page and hyperlinks. The text content of a website is its heart. The text content should be competent enough to hold the visitor’s attention span, or better yet, attract search engine hits. Once a visitor visits your site because of a search engine referral, he or she would scour your site for more keywords pertaining to his area of interest, which will most likely point to one of your products or services.

Web copy writing can also be augmented by other services such as web design and animation, all geared towards a competitive marketing website presentation. Nothing is more attractive to prospective clients than website text augmented by a professional user interface and an excellent assortment of pictures and animations. By utilizing web copy writing via outsourcing, marketing websites are granted better marketing opportunities by online popularity and dominance.

Whether the visitor is a prospective client or not, satisfaction should always be guaranteed by your website’s text content. Boring style of writing, incorrect grammar, and a not-so-professional tone will surely decrease your stie’s popularity, and adversely affect your online marketing opportunities.

Web copy writing produces text which aims to appeal to your product or service’s target market. Aside from applying a professional writing style, the outsourced online writers also fine-tune the content of your website text, making sure that the features and benefits of your product or service are highlighted in order for it to appear on search engines. Web copy writing also involves research on how to render your website text unique against a backdrop of similar websites by applying Search Engine Optimization, or SEO writing techniques.

Web Development Towards Outsourcing

Because of the widespread influence of internet transactions nowadays, businesses have sought ways to further their products and services in the World Wide Web. The integration of the business world into websites, forums, and blogs postings has heralded the expansion of marketing opportunities. From traditional spreadsheet and billboard commercials, promotional materials have evolved into virtual ads where influence is not measured locally, but internationally. When a product or service garners online popularity, it is often the result of an impressive presentation of online marketing materials such as the company website and ad concepts. In order to successfully gain online dominance, businesses should be well-equipped with web development tasks in order to effectively further its reputation via the internet. Web development involves the tweaking and enhancement of online marketing materials consisting of the company website and ads.

Web development is a highly technical field. Programmers often charge their employers with hefty sums. For cash-strapped, small-time companies looking for web development solutions, a fresh alternative exists in the form of web development outsourcing. Locations in countries such as India and the Philippines have offered web development solutions dealing with web programming languages such as ASP, PHP, CFM, .Net, Flash, B2B, and B2C. By utilizing these online resources, a company is able to boost its online marketing campaign and improve the quality of its website and ads. The more people who take notice of the client’s online marketing materials, the more chances of profit and success.

Web development solutions via outsourcing offers premium benefits for clients who seek to avail of high quality yet cost-effective means of improving his chances of business success online. The client is granted savings in time and manpower. Web development outsourcing packages, aside from providing highly-qualified personnel, also provides HR and operations management which will supervise the flow of operations.

Web development, when combined with outsourcing, can greatly improve your business prospects and help you climb the ladder of profit and success.


Website Design – the Path to an Unbeatable Cyber Presence!


In today’s world, having a strong online presence is becoming increasingly important! This is the era of the Internet and having your very own niche in cyberspace is fast becoming critical to the success of your business. Everyday, more and more companies are coming to the forefront with their expertise and providing a really mind boggling range of web design services. The latest mantra is outsourcing or off-shore web development. Outsourcing custom website design jobs not only saves time but also a healthy amount of money. Moreover, it lets a company focus on other services and expand its business.

Website design is not just about creativity. Nor is it about just marketability. Each and every website must reflect a crystallization of the clients’ needs, the designer’s concepts and existing trends. The final design should take shape from a harmonized amalgam of these three aspects. Let’s face it, website design is serious business. It’s not easy to get the right solutions for your online business. You need the right people, the right infrastructure and reasonable pricing to make things work to your benefit. Prior to outsourcing your website designing requirements to any company one should make sure that company is capable enough to provide the best results. According to software experts, website design isn’t an easy deal as it involves a lot of skills and knowledge. Check the portfolio of the company you wish to work with, and if possible, have detailed discussion with her people to get an idea of what to expect and how soon.

Working with reputed companies such as Digital Avenues is always recommended. The company, based in India, boasts of a highly skilled Website Design Team that uses innovative technologies, verified processes and mature delivery models to deliver outstanding Website Design Solutions on time and within budget.

True to its name, Digital Avenues offers its global clientele endless possibilities through the digital medium, in all forms of visual communications services and concepts. In today’s world the idea may still be king, but the reach of the idea is equally important. Their wide range of services allows clients to cover their bases and communicate with people from all walks of life and across media. Clients have often come to them with a simple idea and they have provided them the support required to convert their hopes and dreams into viable business propositions. Engrossing and engaging web sites (Flash or non-Flash) have cemented the brand position of various companies in digital space. It’s time to have your business find its place of glory in cyberspace.

The three greatest risks of any design endeavor is the requirement definition, the time taken to design based on this definition and the cost involved in doing so. The approach adopted by Digital Avenues focuses on and resolves all of these issues. The approach itself is a simple process and begins with the requirements definition. The project requirements are confirmed and taken forward to the analysis and design phase, where several concepts are short-listed into clear precise design mock-ups which are sent to the client for review. The client’s feedback crystallizes these mock-ups after a few iterations into the final product which is then ready for deployment after necessary testing.

Larger projects are modularized, allowing the client the flexibility of reviewing at the end of each phase. The client is thus always in control, through communication with the project team. Such an approach always ensures the best website design and consequently, a happy client.


What you should look from the Web design Company Bhubaneswar?


In this technology era, web development possesses a one-of-a-kind value and also credibility. To experience a reliable internet presence, businesses would such as the assistance of diverse web development companies to offer you with the most beneficial relating to marketplace and creating a great deal of customers. Sites might be the great idea to be able to highlight the actual worth of the company. It additionally publicizes as well as popularizes your offering as well as achieving to be able to many end users in a nutshell time period without reaching them literally.

Presently whether anybody is in one place from the whole world as well as staying at yet one more place from the entire world, you will be attached through web presence and have actually shared small company with each other and also make profits. Therefore, constructing an advantageous website is really significant nowadays.

When you would like Web Design Company Bhubaneswar to be able to fulfil your needs precisely, you just can’t disregard the worth concerning web website companies to locate the excellent do. Marketplace will be gathering appeal considering that it certainly not obtained in addition to a good deal of content clientele and also achievements in all of the domains.

Making use of sound techie know-how, command upon the English language and also cost performance, Indians constantly got the excellent projects of several overseas clienteles and safeguarding lots of others to be able to show their own calibre. Web development company India is the foremost marketplace to be able to method web site producing companies and also functional know-how simply the actual delight regarding by using upwards your think of promoting and also communication.

If you wish to recognize the remunerations of working with a Web site development firm, you have to go through the subsequent aspects that will fulfil your curiosity completely.


Indian developers have actually acquired wonderful competence and also geeky capability for working in the aggressive industry. Using current sharp technical expertise, Indians include various techie strategies to supply the real ONE HUNDRED % full satisfaction rate as well as value with their business.

Low costs in Operating:

Reduction rates are another selling factor of web development India. As a result of the reduced workforce cost, India carries a great deal to provide for businesses located outside India.

Upgraded for the future tech:

Indians make efficient response in a great price which then increases substantially without any increase inside money expenditure along with recruiting.

Benefit of going over conscientiousness:

Web development Services gives the perk of discussing regarding do as well as responsibility. This added generates total versatility, activeness, enhanced performance and performance to meet up with the real modifying possibilities as well as to generating terrific funds importance also.

Advanced technical expertise on E commerce:

E commerce website Development Company is always in demand these days after the beautiful touched of online business. It will additional practical inside making result-oriented companies, looking to produce full satisfaction to provide the clientele for their online business to sustain and successful.


Outsourcing web development services – Top 5 benefits


In the modern era, the vital means to make a venture successful is through online business. It’s through an eye-catchy dynamic website enterprises can meet the verge of spontaneous profit. To have an outstanding website, there are many website development companies round the globe providing professional services like E-commerce, maintenance of website, various portals, graphical designing and other web based customization.

Nowadays, outsource website development services have immensely hit the business strategies and have given the organizations an outstanding means to double the profit with an affordable investment. In the race of outsourcing India is entertained for its world class services of IT, and an outstanding work quality. Indian web development companies prevail with dedicated, innovative and proficient web developer with an expertise in technologies like Joomla, PHP, Flex,, Java and other essentials for giving birth to a dynamic, interactive and flawless website.

Hence for an efficient website; top five benefits for outsourcing of web development service in India as following points:

Point one: Money Matters

The key factor for companies to outsource web development services in India is due to the reduced cost of Development. With less input companies get an efficient, flawless and reliable means of output in the form an interactive website. High wages and expensive investment for website development in other countries have turned companies towards India where nominal plans and low investment give clients a right choice for outsourcing of web development services in India. Development cost in India gets reduced by 60% as compared to the cost in own countries of the clients. Therefore, outsource web development services in India stand to be the right choice.

Point two: Proficient, dedicated and innovative developers

Apart from project completion at an affordable price the companies looking for outsourcing in India get to hire dedicated web developers who are not only highly skilled but are also innovative, reliable and proficient in tackling the challenging tasks. This is another reason for the companies to go for outsourcing web development services as a low investment will get the business requirement met by experienced and creative developers.

Point three: Maximum profit with proficient web development

Companies that go for outsource web development services in India not only hire dedicated web developers who develop on to give an outstanding work according to the business requirements but also get a chance to work on other aspects of company’s proliferation with every chances to multiply profit.

Point four: Time – the road to business success

Time plays an integral role for the success of a venture, and Web Development Company in India will not only maintain a high level of precision but also will deliver the project successfully within the given span of time.

Point five: Versatility

Web development company in India maintains versatility and specializes to meet a wide spectrum of requirement of website development for purpose of E-Commerce, Finance, Banking, Medical, Marketing and Retail etc.

Thus, the outsourcing option when the website development comes in to play, India – An IT hub, is the best option for companies go for an investment with high quality work and maximum profit.


Language Barrier – a Problem to Outsourcing ?


When a UK based or US based company ( and similar) attempts to form a partnership with an India based web development company or decides to outsource specific works – often one starts thinking whether the language difference will cause a problem. India as a country has 29 states and over 17 dialects – mostly similar to Hindi or Sanskrit . The workforce consists of locales for whom English is not the First Language.
If this was a outsourcing of call center jobs or transcription work , language would probably have a major role – as both requires clear understanding of the accents, practice of speaking colloquial terms fluently and the same.
So what else could cause a problem over language ?
Emails – written communication – the sales / marketing people who receive client feedback or RFQ’s ( Request for Quote ) – should be able to clearly understand written instructions and reply with clarity and also follow basic etiquettes. What might seem trivial while writing to a friend may just work wonders to the recipient , who could be used to a friendly tone , instead of the crisp point wise replies marked with deep red .
Phone Calls – While working with a outsourcing partner, providing a phone number for emergencies may seem to be a good idea . However if this phone number happens to be attended by a non English speaking person, it will serve nothing but a source of irritation. So at the cost of being pestered ( doesn’t happen in a good working relation), one can think of giving the mobile number of a representative who can speak with clarity and patience – even if the resolution is not attained on the call in itself.
Web Page Copy – While doing website design work or web development , it is not common to also do Copy-writing, but it can be also a work which is part of the project . Now a web page copy could be something that requires a native tongue , a personal touch – which is difficult to give – unless you are in close contact with the outsourcing supplier , or unless you are acquainted with the locality and its terminology. It is very necessary that you understand what you are writing Copy for , the targeted demographics and the ideology of the business . A keen look at the basic grammar and a supervision of any finalized copy warrants a better response and results . Does it cost more – Yes , it costs more than the typical copywriting you get at 0.05p – does it make sense – Yes , it makes sense .

When you choose your new outsourcing vendor , you better make sure your outsourced partner is aware and is ready to take care of these points and probably more – and Language will not be a TRUE BARRIER