Social Media Recruiting: An Employer's Perspective


Social media has done to recruiting what the introduction of iPhone did to the music industry. It has revolutionized the entire recruiting industry to take it online making the whole process, faster, more effective and far less expensive. From a mere 6% of organizations using social media to recruit talent, the number has now grown to a staggering 94%. Today’s generation in fact uses social media for everything including finding a job. From an employer’s perspective, it makes sense to be where new talent is available which is why all organizations are strengthening their social media profiles.

For employers, different social media platforms serve different purposes from a recruiting standpoint. LinkedIn for instance is the foremost used tool for recruiting, with more than 90% of employers using LinkedIn to source and recruit talent. Employers use LinkedIn connections as well professional groups and forums on LinkedIn to source passive candidates and to establish a professional presence on LinkedIn. From an employer’s perspective it makes sense to either form or participate in technology or professional groups related to your industry or your core competency. The best way to hire through LinkedIn is to post job openings as well as post good quality relevant content on a regular basis. Respond to comments on your posts and try and engage in discussion with professionals to get a better understanding of their competency,

Facebook and Twitter are also extensively used as a social recruiting tool, although not for direct sourcing but more for screening candidates. They serve as vetting platforms for employers to get a more holistic view of a candidate beyond what is provided in a resume. There are many instances of employers rejecting candidates due to the presence of objectionable content on their social media profiles.  No employer likes to willingly court controversy and anything remotely controversial in a candidates profile on any social platforms, be it Facebook or Twitter is likely to scare away potential employers. Also, gone are the days when the last step in the recruitment process was to screen an about to be offered candidates Facebook and Twitter profile. Nowadays, more and more organizations have starting using social platforms like Facebook throughout the hiring process, in fact many employers start the recruiting process by screening the Facebook profile and Tweets of candidates who have applied before moving them to the next step in the recruiting process.

Employers need to know that a candidate will fit in both in terms of ability and skill as well as attitude and temperament. Social media provides employers with a good window to assess cultural fitment of a candidate, leading to less chances of bad hiring, which as we all know can prove to be extremely costly for an organization.


Advantages Of Digital Signage


Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows information, advertising and other messages. Digital signs (such as LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images) can be found in public and private environments, such as retail stores and corporate buildings.

Advertising using digital signage is a form of out-of-home advertising in which content and messages are displayed on digital signs with a common goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times.

The benefits of digital signage over static signs, in situations where changing signs are preferred over static signs, are that the content can be exchanged more easily, animations can be shown, and the signs can adapt to the context and audience, even interactively.

Normal advertising boards are not very flexible in terms of updating and altering content but with the use of Digital Signage, this is not a problem any more and the advertising content can be regularly altered. We can see how in some restaurants the LCD’s are used to show their menu’s not only is it more catching but it can changed frequently as well. The same goes for the apparel stores, the LCD depicting the varying dresses available are akin to real time display.

The popularity of Digital Signage has seen an uphill trend and its demand is rising fast as well and because of this advertising agencies are focusing upon the use of Digital Signage. Research has shown that with the efficient and effectual use of Digital Signage, the sales have gone up for many companies. In today’s dynamic and fast paced world, the consumer wants some thing different, companies opting for Digital signage for promotional and advertising activities, automatically enjoy an upper hand as they are exploring new mediums to reach out their consumer.

There is no denying the fact that it costs more to advertise using Digital signage medium but the benefits overwhelm the expenses. In today’s globalized world, it is imperative that new technologies be availed to attract and reach out the consumer. We usually see digital signage being used at providing flight information, brand-building purposes etc. Digital signage is convenient and simple as well. It is almost like a personalized television sending out specific information tailored for the consumers and also the messages can be altered easily and frequently.

There is a flip side to advertising via Digital Signage but as mentioned earlier the benefits out rightly outweigh the disadvantages. It does require a hefty investment initially but as the ball gets rolling, it proves to be much more beneficial than any other mediums that could be used to advertise.  The long-term benefits also in terms of brand recall that is generated via the Digital Signage are more than the one time capital that it requires. Moreover Digital Signage has grasped the attention of companies worldwide, as it is highly persuasive so soon software companies will be providing cheaper solutions.


Fight Erosion with a Retaining Wall


As said above, retaining walls are a great solution if you want to prevent erosion of the soil around your property. This article explains how these walls are advantageous and why they should be your choice to fight erosion. It is advisable, though, that you hire the services of professional retaining walls stonemasons so you get expert services.

Let’s take a look at how the retaining wall helps with preventing erosion:

Correcting Uneven Topography:

These walls are very useful tools in preventing erosion, which is caused by uneven topography. If you add a retaining wall, then this allows the land to be levelled, which results in reduced erosion caused by gravity, wind and rain. Retaining walls also prevent cracks and the uneven settlement of the land, which is caused by the changing weather and temperatures. The wall enables the land and the uneven areas to be cultivated and level so buildings or even other structures can be placed on top of it. Usually sand is used to fill the low areas behind the retaining wall, as it is inexpensive and easily available. These types of retaining walls are seen around beaches and coastlines and are often used to fill in or level the uneven topography before building construction.

Runoff Prevention and Drainage:

Retaining walls can be used in areas that especially see heavy rainfalls where the soil is more likely to get eroded. The walls prevent the soil from sliding or washing away, which is caused by insufficient water drainage pipes, and well organised systems to carry this water to low risk areas of land. The rainwater, through effective drainage, can be diverted to riverbeds and lakes or even dry wells. In such cases, though, the retaining wall must be fortified with concrete or even steel to make it long lasting and effective. As such, retaining walls can be used for agricultural purposes as well, where they can be installed to prevent the seepage of water from dry lands or can be used in an opposite manner where they can encourage drainage in areas that are prone to flooding.

Erosion Caused by Currents:

Retaining walls are also used to separate soil and land from moving water sources in order to prevent the erosion, which is caused by the natural marine forces. These types of retaining walls are even sometimes called “seawalls” and are very effective at reducing the impact caused by the currents and the waves on the surrounding land. The effect of moving water can easily be seen by the rock forms and the land forms caused over the years. These walls work as they form a barrier between the land and the water and thus prevent the water from washing away the soil.

These are some ways as to how the retaining wall can be used to prevent erosion. Hardrock Stonemasonry can build quality retaining walls. If you are interested, then please visit


Companies Going out of Business


This article, Companies Going out of Business, is very timely.  With the recession that’s happening right now, companies are closing left and right.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a Fortune 500 company or the corner mom and pop’s store.  Everyone is affected with what’s happening in our economy right now.  A lot of business owners try to survive and fight.  But a lot of them also give up as well.  It’s not really a question of character and will.  The challenge that we’re facing right now is a will killer.

Why do you think those business owners who are currently fighting the effects of recession are not giving up?  If you think this article Companies Going out of Business is all bad news, you’re mistaken.  This is about continuing the fight in order to achieve business success.

An industry that wasn’t hit much by the recession is the home business industry.  It’s because they learned to adapt to change and foresee what the future brings.  The home business industry has produced a lot of visionaries.  A great example that is an inspiration to all of us is Jay Kubassek.  Although he is widely considered as a visionary, he suffered a lot of failures as well.  It is because of these failures that he developed a vision of innovation that is now helping a lot of people who are victims of companies who went out of business.  Because of Jay Kubassek and his program, the recession is simply an opportunity for them.

This topic, Companies Going out of Business, should be taken as it is.  Yes, companies are dying left and right.  But your will shouldn’t die with it.  Go on and continue fighting for its survival.  Accept change and adapt to it as well.  If it doesn’t survive, then you can proudly say that it wasn’t due to the recession.  It died of a natural death.  This means that you have to move on.

Now you’re wiser and hungrier than ever.  Even though you’re strong-willed, that doesn’t mean that you have to risk going through it all over again.  This article, Companies Going out of Business, is now a challenge to you.  Learn how to choose wisely on what you’re going to do next.  After what you’ve been through, it’s time to give yourself a break – a big one.  Learn Jay Kubassek’s story and gain inspiration from it.  You can check out his program by going to  Learn from his success and see how people like you are benefiting from it.  We don’t know when the recession will end but as far as you’re concerned, the success starts now.


Online Advertising – Help starts with a good ad serving system


As an online business owner, would you agree that you do not want to waste money on advertising, tools and programs? So before you start driving traffic to your website you must fully assess how to successfully monetize your website traffic. If your profits are based entirely upon advertising revenue then you will likely appreciate the need for a good ad delivery system and ad operations.

Even if your site is not fully dependent upon ad revenue there is still a place for a quality ad delivery system within your business plans.  It will depend upon your expected traffic volume and how well you target and segment your traffic to generate maximum revenue.

If you have less than 100,000 page views per month then it is unlikely that you will need an ad serving system, unless you have special targeting and analytical needs that should be considered. In this case a free ad delivery system may get you started in the right direction.

A site with more than 100,000 page views can benefit from a good quality ad system (depending upon the system you choose). If you are new to online advertising you may dismiss some of these statements, so let me use my experience and explain;

  1. A good ad system enables you to fully monetize your traffic by understanding it. The internet enables businesses to test & measure their site traffic and their site promotion to ensure effectiveness of these assets. A good ad system goes a long way to enable the measuring of these items, beyond simple free analytical tools.
  1. When selling advertising (sponsorships, CPM, CPC or CPA) a good ad system enables you to provide detailed reports to your advertisers. This shows them the value of the advertising from a brand, click, or action reference.
  1. Advertisers like to see 3rd party (external) reports. It is not that they do not trust your reports, but 3rd party reports provide independent validation to your advertisers, partners and investors. This should not be underestimated as a benefit of having a quality ad serving solution.
  1. Do you understand the true value of your site to advertisers? With a good ad serving system you can easily justify your advertiser’s investment. The system will tell you the number of unique visitors and their interaction with your site and any advertiser’s offer. In most cases this one benfit pays for the entire ad system each month. Many website owners undervalue their website to a targeted advertiser and therefore give away advertising without knowing it.
  1. If you are merchant website selling products or services you need to fully understand the sales flow and remove any barriers to that flow. While an analytical program will aid you in this analysis, an ad system will enable you to do it in a more advance way. You can use the ad delivery system to ask questions of the customers via exit ads. It also enables you to offer special promotions to people who are exiting the sales process using exit ads, thus bringing them back into the sales process. You can also up sell the buyer with special offers during the sales process. This process does require ad coding of your SSL pages, which is easy for a good ad trafficker.
  1. Being able to target advertising (whether your own merchandise or external offers) by search term, content and geo-graphical location can really increase your Return on Investment (ROI). The more targeted the offer presented to your site visitors, the more likely they will be to make a purchase. In addition, if you can re-target visitors with companion products, based upon previous activity on your site, you will again increase your ROI.

These are real examples of how you can successfully use an ad serving system and qualified ad traffickers to increase the value of your website traffic. These examples are not exhaustive, but they show ways to increase value in your business. Online business success while using a good ad system is only limited by your traffic, your creativity and your ad operations team.


Leads, Networking, and Marketing for Insurance Agents


Most people who land a career as an insurance agent do not make it. Most will not put forth the effort necessary to build a profitable book of business and earn residual income. If you don’t get in front of the right people and say the right things then you will fail. But then how does on succeed?

There are many ways to obtain clients. First, you have what we call the natural market. The natural market includes your family and friends and anyone else you already have a relationship with. However, you can only write fifty percent of your yearly policies to the natural market. Selling to your natural market is known as controlled business.

Second, you can buy leads from the internet of people actively in the process of purchasing a policy. You can get these leads from websites like All Web Leads and Quote Wizard. After you get a good list of prospects established the thing to do is call them regularly until they say yes. They say that on the fifth try your chances of making a sale goes up to ninety percent.

Third, is the one no one likes, cold calling. It is a method that works. It just takes persistence and the ability to deal with rejections by not taking it personally. You can always just pick up the White Pages or Yellow Pages and start calling people. Cold calling just isn’t very efficient.

Fourth, sponsor events taking place in your local community. Make yourself known as a pillar of your community. Take a tent and table to the local events and give away pizza or prizes in exchange for allowing you to rate a quote. You can always do a cash prize giveaway through a random drawing. Setup your booth anywhere there is always a lot of people.

Fifth, build an engaging presentation. You can see mine at Make sure it is not boring and that you include some humor to keep the crowd engaged. After you have your presentation, send out mailers offering refreshments and appetizers for anyone who comes to see the insurance presentation. Make sure you also communicate that there will be fun activities as well like raffles or bingo.

Sixth, build a website about yourself and be real and be honest. There are two outstanding easy-to-use drag and drop website builders, Wix and Weebly. Once you have the website up and your information about why your agency is the best, then by ads on the internet targeting specific people to visit your site. You can usually get free ad word credits from Google and Bing offers an initial credit for first-time advertisers.

Seventh, think of businesses that you absolutely love, for whatever reason, and then go to those businesses and tell the owner or decision maker how much you admire the way they do business. They will most likely allow you to give them a quote since sales is an exchange of emotion and admiration and respect do cause the admired to have positive emotions.

Eighth, setup a business referral networking group and host it every couple of weeks. You can use Meetup to manage the other people who sign up as members in the group. Make fliers and advertise it with all the local news publishers and post it on your website and share on Twitter and Facebook.


Virto SharePoint Alert Customizer — notifications and alerts to email


Monday, July 27, 2009 — VirtoSoftware, a new developer of web parts for SharePoint, announces the beta release 1.0.1 of Virto Alerts Customizer for Microsoft SharePoint, an effective solution that enhances and streamlines SharePoint Alert Management System.

Virto Alerts Customizer allows creating your own alerts and notifications for SharePoint and sending them by e-mail, SMS or via instant messengers like Jabber or Miranda. You can create your own alert within a minute, and allow it to be sent to a specific user or a group of users.

Why Virto Alerts Customizer for SharePoint

— Extended Alerting Capabilities

— Easy to Deploy and Use

—     SMTP and XMPP Support

Release 1.0.1 comes with even more useful capabilities. Now, you can make your own Rich Text Template for different types of alerts. With such a template you can distinguish, for example, between an alert for new event adding and an alert for updating any of the event’s field.

Virto Alerts Customizer now also supports Summary Email Notifications — all alerts combined together into single ticket. You can also define different type of frequency for sending alerts — days, weeks, hours etc.

Virto Alerts Web Part is designed for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.  Installation is simple and only requires a small amount of time.

Now Virto Alerts Web Part is available as Beta Release for Free.  Production Release is going to be launched on August 17, 2009 for special 50% cut off Price— 1 Server License will cost only $495.

Download the trial version now and experience how Virto Web Part can help you manage your SharePoint Alerts like never before. Please visit our website for more information and to start downloading the evaluation version at


What Is An Internet Trademark?


As a Web Developer, I receive a fair amount of unsolicited email. My spam folder doesn’t catch all of it, as some of it is not sent by a “bot”, but
rather by an actual human spammer.

Recently though, I received an email that I wasn’t sure about. Someone claiming to be a Chinese web registrar for Domain name sent me the following email:

We are the department of registration service in China. we have something need to confirm with you. We formally received an application on June 19th 2009, One company which self-styled “Real Company Holding Inc.” are applying to register “my domain” as internet trademark and Asian domain names as below :

After our initial examination, we found that the internet brand applied for registration are as same as your company’s name and trademark.These days we are dealing with it, hope to get the affirmation from your company. If your company and this”Real Name Holding Inc.”as the same company,there is no need reply to us.

In addition, we hereby affirm that our time limit for dissent application is 7 days. If your company files no dissent within the time limit, we will unconditionally approve the application submitted by “Real Name Holding Inc”.

Thanks for your cooperation.

John Smith

Head of Sales
Semi-legitimate Registrar

I read over the thing, and it looked real enough, until I did some research on the companies in question. They appear to be real for 3 reasons:

1. The company that they say is trying to acquire your domain names in Asia is always a large, legitimate company operating in Asia.

2. The use of urgent sounding language, including the legal sounding terminology of “Internet Trademark”.

3. They say that you can file a form to protect your rights. If you don’t want to do anything, you don’t have to. It makes it seem like they don’t care whether or not you answer. (*note: I have received two of these communications so far. One guy said 5 days, the other said 7.)

Before I go further, let me say for the record, that this is a giant scam.

How do I know? Well, first I took a look at enforceable trademark law. The truth about trademark law is that it is not enforceable internationally, at least with any consistency.

Sure,if you are McDonalds, you probably could probably have the legal staff to make sure your trademark can’t be infringed in China, and to get your domain names back if someone steals them from you online.

However, there are two places where trademark infringement can be reliably prosecuted: The USA, and the European Union. Anywhere outside of that, you are going to be running up against increasingly vague intellectual property laws. You can always lodge a protest with ARIN, who regulates domain names, but results will be mixed.

Secondly, there is no such thing as an internet trademark. In fact, if you wish to use a domain name for a trademark (e.g., there are some very specific rules that apply. Many of the domain names that people would wish to trademark (e.g.>, are to generic to even qualify under US law.

Thirdly, and this is the most important, I requested a copy of the “dispute form”. It contained greatly inflated fees for domain registration ($50 per year, per domain), and a $100 internet trademark registration fee, per year.

While some registrars do charge more for international registrations, the most I have ever been charged, even for an obscure country is $35 a year, and that was more than I should have payed, as other sites are cheaper.

Then, they offered to perform a “legal service”, for a product that doesn’t even exist. Trademarks are in effect for a great deal of time, and they sure don’t require $100 a year of upkeep and maintenance.

So, how do I know for sure that this is a scam? After they sent me two emails in a row, badgering me to respond, and telling me that the clock was ticking, I finally did. It just wasn’t the response that they were expecting.

I told them I knew that this was a scam, and that it was a shame that they weren’t located in the US, where they could be prosecuted for fraud. I also stated that I was going to expose their little scheme to the world, which is what I am doing here.

I received no further communication from the Head of Sales for that company.

Just remember this one rule when you are trying to determine whether something is a scam or not: If you’ve never heard of something before, and it sounds urgent, ask them to point you to a legal statute that confirms what they are saying. The legitimate ones will be patient, and able to back things up with cold, hard facts.

Also, the Sales Department won’t contact you with things that are of any legal import.

One more tip: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. No one who puts their hope in Him will ever be ashamed.


Tips for Buying Designer Perfume for Women


Designer perfume for women is now available for wholesale or retail. Many men and women do not know that women’s perfumes offered at wholesale are the same as those that are being displayed in the malls and stores. So there is no need to have deep thinking about where to get your designer fragrances.

The mechanics of the trade is that signature perfumes are endorsed by famous celebrities while these designer perfumes are produced by a particular brand name company. When it comes to quality, designer perfumes are better compared with discount perfumes.

Producers of designer perfumes see to it that the products contain the maximum volume for essential fragrance oils. In addition, designer perfumes can be worn longer that their discount counterparts.

From time to time, perfume manufacturers offer price-off packages. This is to give new entrepreneurs a chance to start their business. Between wholesale and retail transactions, there is no significant difference. However, you must see to it that you get the genuine item when you purchase.

There are lots of outlets where you can buy perfumes. There are online wholesale perfume websites. Offline, you may visit drug stores, beauty supply stores, perfume stores, perfume sales, estate sales, yard sales, going out of business sales, closeout sales and after holiday sales of department stores.

One of the best ways to purchase your favorite perfume is through online discount websites. They deal at lower prices – lower than those in local department stores.

They also offer a wider range of perfume products. When it comes to convenience, you can buy online so you don’t have to give up your usual activities just to visit a perfume outlet.

Take time to compare prices of products before deciding to buy. You have the better chance of finding the best deal if you can spend time comparing prices and offers.

Also look for offers that give out free samples. You could have a chance of trying out your favorite designer perfume for women without spending any amount.


Latest Designs of Women’s Casual Sneakers


The sneakers are the all time best companions to our feet and they are always lauded for their performance. They have multiple personalities such as casual shoes, dance sneakers, athletic sneakers for basketball, tennis, running, skating, jogging, etc. Each of these shoes faces has got their own specialty and they give us comfort to the core. The casual sneakers are as special as they are amicable to the feet and at the same time they are trendy and stylish. This article gives a brief view on some of the latest designs of casual sneakers on the net.

The Reebok FreeStyle Hi Pastel

The Reebok Freestyle shoes have a great look and they give more comfort and softness to the feet. These shoes are very attractive and they are designed with many shades. The shoe is made up of leather upper and it gives more breath ability to the feet. The mid sole of the shoe is constructed with the EVA and it gives the cushioning and support to the feet. The rubber outsole of the shoe is very durable and it offers excellent traction and shock absorption. Thus the Reebok sneakers offer the best pair to the feet.

The Ahnu Soma Sneakers

These soft sneakers are so amicable with the feet and they offer the best comfort with their foot hugging fit. These sneakers are eco-friendly and their upper part is made up of hemp to give more breath ability to the feet. The shoe’s stretch lace panel gives the best fit to the feet along with the best stretch. The mid foot support is provided by the integrated thermo poly urethane shank along with the best orthotic inserts. The insole is given the dual density for support and the non marking carbon out sole provides grip during gait. Thus, our casual moments can be made more memorable with these sneakers from Ahnu.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers

The Converse is the most famous name in the world of sneakers as they have given the most famous models of sneaker shoes. These sneakers are made up with the canvas upper and they have double eyelets for the secured lacing system. It features the flip down tongue and it adds to the stylish look of the shoe. The shoe’s outsole is made up of the vulcanized rubber and it gives the excellent traction and grip during the gait. Thus, we can enjoy the outing with these pop-ups from the famous brand of the sneakers.