Online Marketing Strategies: What is Acquisition Marketing?


Online marketing can no longer be considered as an afterthought when developing a marketing strategy. In 2008, Ofcom reported that online marketing represented a fifth of total UK revenues from advertising – and we believe it’s still got a long way to go.

There are good reasons for its unprecedented growth. One of the main reasons online marketing has always been at an advantage to other forms of marketing is because of its ability to drive acquisition, in such a transparent and accountable way.

More often than not, it is ‘acquisition marketing’ that clients are looking for – marketing with the end goal of acquiring new business. A well thought out acquisition marketing shouldn’t even stop there, but should really continue into the realms of adding value to the acquired customers to ensure repeat business where applicable, and/or referrals.

How to achieve acquisition through online marketing

In order to achieve effective acquisition marketing, there needs to be a clear and cohesive pathway for the customer to follow, right from the first click through to the point of conversion. This starts with a clear understanding of what you want the customer to do. If this isn’t clear in your mind, then it’s going to be very hard for the customer to figure out.

A marketing campaign which successfully brings thousands of people through to your site, all of whom are not particularly interested in what you have to offer and so leave immediately once they get there, cannot be called acquisition marketing. Traffic is simply a means to an end, and as such – can become a time consuming red herring.

A campaign which brings in thousands of people who are interested in your products or services, only for them to be bamboozled with such labyrinthine navigation or off-putting messages or design that they give up and go elsewhere before converting, is also not acquisition marketing.
A successful acquisition campaign must keep the visitor engaged at every single point along their journey towards becoming one of your valued customers.

This can only result from a genuinely integrated approach to online marketing, working on all areas of a campaign simultaneously, with the sole aim of leading visitors through seamlessly to the point of purchase or conversion. Implementing funnel / drop-off tracking is also key in this process, as often there is more to learn from the ‘non-converters’ than the ‘converters’.

Short AND long-term benefits

Despite our strong belief in acquisition marketing, there is clearly still a place for brand building exercises which will not only change or enforce your consumers’ perceptions of you over time, but also deliver better recall, referral and brand equity.

But with acquisition marketing, we look for measurable ways to increase levels of sales and conversions in a much shorter space of time. Part of the trick here is to not only make the process easy for customers, but also to spend time understanding their mindset, needs and concerns. By understanding these, we can begin to alleviate them – by offering them extra information, assurance or testimonials along the conversion funnel. Ideally, we want to dispel any concerns they have before they have even manifested.

Working with this mindset, we are able to take marketing forms such as pay-per-click advertising, and make them work even more efficiently than they are already.

Keeping your customers happy

At atom42, we get most of our business through referrals. When people have had a good experience with a customer or product, they simply can’t spread the word fast enough. Looking after your customers in the same way is one reason why acquisition marketing is also of long-term. Happy customers do two things: return and refer.

Increasingly, as natural SEO has evolved from being focused on “onsite” optimisation techniques – and moved into using more and more “offsite” factors when determining a site’s importance – we see an increasing number of long-term benefits from our SEO work as well – including link building, content optimisation and strategic partnerships – all of which can yield results for many years to come.

The significance of measurability

The real key to acquisition marketing is measurability, and this is something uniquely suited to online marketing.

For those in the business of online marketing, there are now an almost infinite number of tools at our disposal for diagnosing precisely what kind of results our efforts are generating with our online marketing techniques.

This means that we can prove without doubt that we are gaining the right kinds of results for our clients, with an extraordinary amount of precision. It’s no wonder that, according to the European Online Advertising Through 2013 report, online ad spend is predicted to carry on growing throughout the recession.


Social Media Marketing Guide. How To Use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube And MySpace To Grow Your Internet Marketing Business


As I mentioned in one of my previous articles, Social Media has became extremely popular in the last few years.

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube are growing faster than any other type of social communication.

Social Media is an enormous untapped source of leads, prospects and business partners for YOUR business and best of all it is FREE.

Therefore, in order to benefit from the social media madness, you will have to know how exactly to monetize this ultimate untapped source of potential business partners.

This is exactly what I am going to be covering today. I want to show you exactly what you need to do in order to generate results with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace.

However, Before I get into the specific details of how you should be using each one of the mentioned above sites, I would like to point out one thing. The ultimate purpose of every single social media website is Relationship Building. This is the sole purpose you should be driven by when you join a group on Facebook or sending out a Tweet.

Relationship Building is an essential ingredient to a Successful Internet Marketing Business and the sooner you grasp this concept the better.

Let’s get started!


Only a year ago, MySpace was the biggest and fastest growing community on the Internet with more than 240 Million registered users. Today MySpace has lost it’s popularity with the users but it hasn’t lost it with the search engines.

To this day, MySpace is one of the first sources Google turns to when in need of information. What this means is that you can use it for your benefit by creating different MySpace profiles to generate more Search Engine Traffic for your particular business/opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong here, it doesn’t mean that you must use it only for that. You still have the opportunity to socialize on MySpace quite effectively, but right now, the main benefit of MySpace in my eyes is the SEO juice that you can squeeze out of it.


Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length, which are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them also known as followers.

Twitter is an amazing social network, which really qualifies for the expression “Social Media Madness”. If you don’t know what I mean, just get yourself over four thousand followers, as I did, and you will see exactly what I mean. My Twitter home page is pure madness and socializing on Twitter without a client is not an option anymore.

Nevertheless, what makes Twitter unique besides the 140 character limit is the ability to Drive Massive Viral Traffic to Your Website.

Twitter is the easiest tool to drive traffic with especially if you are running a blog or a newsletter, it has an insane Viral Power Potential to it.

If you ever heard an expression “Word of Mouth Marketing” and did not know what it mean, than Twitter explains it very well. Just imagine if your Tweet with a link back to your site goes viral. Imagine the tweet being ReTweeted about 300 times. Imagine if each of those ReTweets only generated 3-4 clicks at a time, how much traffic would you get?

That’s right-A LOT!


YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. Three former PayPal employees created YouTube in February 2005. In November 2006, YouTube was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion, and is now operated as a subsidiary of Google.

YouTube, being the biggest video sharing network online, is a great place to do some video marketing. But Why is Video Marketing so damn important? Why is it so Crucial that you do it? Yes, that’s right! Relationship Building.

Can you think of a better way of establishing a relationship with a complete stranger? What can be more powerful when it comes down to building trust with another person on the internet than video? What can make more impact on that person than watching You move, listen to You talk and hearing Your thoughts coming out of Your mouth instead of reading them on his 15” laptop screen?

If you can think of a better way of doing it(besides live conversation with a web cam, of course) than please, be my guest and reveal it to me, because to this day, I haven’t found something better then Video Marketing.


A Harvard University student originally founded Facebook with couple of his roommates in order to create a virtual community exclusive to the Harvard University attendees. Website membership was initially limited but later expended to other colleagues until later on Facebook became available to anyone aged 13 and over.

Right now Facebook is one of the biggest social communities with over 200 million active users. However, what makes it different from MySpace, Twitter and YouTube than? Why is it so essential for your Social Media Domination plan?

Well, personally, I can’t answer that question with a specific benefit. Facebook is just a great place to Build STRONG, BULLETPROOF, ROCK SOLID Relationships. I haven’t yet found a community where people are more open and ready to socialize with complete strangers all over the planet.

To me, Facebook is like another huge family. I truly admire and respect every single one of my Facebook friends. It is so easy to get to know people and connect with them on Facebook. It is so easy to get lost in endless chats and conversations there.

I have many of my friends, simply leading another Life there! Facebook is very easy to fall in love with and it definitely leaves other Social Networks in the dust when it comes down to building a strong long lasting relationship with a complete stranger.

Having shared these insight with you, I only wish to point out one more time that your main goal on any single social media site and in every single social community should be first to Build Relationships while driving traffic and generating leads second.


Insurance Agency Websites And The Call To Action


Perhaps your insurance agency has embarked upon a new insurance agency website marketing plan. Your plan might include a comprehensive website redesign replete with updated branding and a contemporary look and feel. You may have hired a copyrighter or editor to punch up your content, and spent a significant amount of time ensuring information on all of your insurance lines are included on your new and improved insurance agency website. Hopefully you added a insurance agency blog and other types of dynamic content to improve your website stickiness. However, the question still remains, what have you done about your “call to action”?

According to a call to action is defined as, “The portion of an advertisement or marketing effort that requests that a consumer perform a specific action. Examples of calls to action include the purchase of a good or service or the completion of a questionnaire.” This is a good start to for our insurance agency website call to action discussion. There are many calls to action you can use on your insurance agency website:

  1. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter
  2. Click here to register for our workshop
  3. Click here to register for our next webinar
  4. Click here for a quote
  5. Click here to request additional information
  6. Click here to receive our case studies
  7. Click here to chat with a representative
  8. Click here to be connected with a licensed agent
  9. Click here to watch our video
  10. Click here to see what our clients have to say

These are just a few examples of insurance agency calls to action. The first 6 examples, which are boldfaced, would result in the receipt of contact information. A simple form would appear and your prospect would fill out a few fields, like name, company and email address. Items 7 and 8, noted in italics, would result in direct contact with agency personnel either via a text chat or live phone call. The last two items, 9 and 10 would result in additional insurance agency website review, with a goal of a more engaging call to action on an ensuing web page.

There are many more call to actions, though you certainly wouldn’t use all of these on any given insurance agency web page. In fact, most of the time, you should have one call to action per page, unless you’ve segmented you web page into specialty lines with each containing a clear, compelling and succinct call to action. With the increasing emphasis and importance of insurance agency websites as they pertain to an overall insurance agency marketing plan, the creation, position and type of call to action is extremely important to your overall web strategy. Remember, if your insurance agency plans to invest time or money in an overall insurance agency website marketing plan, which can include insurance search engine marketing, insurance agency SEO and possibly even agency PPC campaigns, you must ensure you have given significant consideration to your call to action.


Know How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency?


It is well known that An Ideal digital marketing agency combines strategic brand consulting and design expertise of a traditional design studio with the innovative, ahead of the curve a acumen of new media digital agency. It should also be able to provide suggestions from strategic consulting and latest creation and implementation of web design and web development solutions; it should be able to deliver an elevated brand experience for the users through the integrated use of the best practices, good ideas, people and latest technology.

Some of the marketing skills that are used by these creative digital agencies include pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), web review monitoring, newsletter designing and campaign set up, SEO copywriting, video promotion and many more.

Some of the digital marketing agency uses to bid to provide full service but they usually fail to fulfill them all. Hence before deciding on a digital marketing agency to do your business promotion one should make sure that the digital agency is fully equipped to market  and build brand online. The digital agency you are going to hire should be able to advise a few improvements instantly, put together a list of suggestions and recommend those suggestions in a detailed scheme. Let the digital marketing agency refer to your existing website and make some booking path recommendations, web design and structure. Make sure your plan includes PPC, full-fledged SEO, link-building strategy (one way, two way and three way), website updates (designing and development), monthly newsletter, web-review monitoring tool and social media optimization (SMO).

It should also be checked that the digital marketing agency you are hiring is up-to-date with the latest technology and trends in the business that is going to help you stay ahead of your competitors. The digital agency which you are going to hire will become your business associate. Before you chose a digital marketing agency for your brand take a close look at its website, their previous work experience, their strength and technical skills. If the digital agency is able to develop and build your website, you must be impressed and satisfied with their services.

In summary, digital marketing agency should be able to provide all marketing and web related services under one roof.


Creating a Digital Media Strategy


Last week during a webinar that I participated in, I suggested that every small business should create a digital media strategy that covers at least the next 12 months. Technology is changing so rapidly for small business and without a plan or strategy in place you’ll find it very hard to keep up. I’ve had some business owners talk to me about what should be in this digital strategy, so to help you lets go through the basics of what you should include in your document.

1. Web site SEO – First and foremost in my mind is having your web site search engine friendly. Local search queries continue to increase as does 3+ word keyword searches.

Yellow Pages book usage is decreasing and internet searches increasing, so that makes it vital that your site appears on the first page of Google. You need to also consider how your site performs, Google are planning to use site speed as a ranking factor and therefore how quickly your site loads will be a consideration. Image heavy sites without alt tags and optimising your pages for relevant keywords needs to be considered.

During the webinar, one industry specialist wrote a comment ” Do you really think that principals or agents actually write their own copy?”  No I don’t, but they need to make sure that what is written on their behalf is search engine optimised and written for the web, not copied from a newspaper. Make sure that you get access to the coding on your site as well, you pay for it, you own it, not like I have encountered recently with one web company attached to the number one real estate portal, they have a very arrogant attitude to you the customer, so if in doubt walk away, there are plenty of web design companies that will help you.

Search Engine Marketing should not replace your web site SEO, use SEM wisely and don’t double up, if you’re on the first page or rank highly for a search term, don’t waste money on Adwords,use them in areas that you don’t rank, remember, Google ranks pages not web sites so you can effectively optimise each page on your web site for keywords.

2.Social Media – Include this into your 12 month plan, small business is lagging behind their big brothers in using and integrating social media into their business. Your customers have embraced social networking and it is becoming the trusted adviser, so you can’t afford to neglect it any longer.

One of the reasons slowing the integration is a lack of knowledge about social media by small business owners, in my mind you are better to try and work with social media than to ignore it, so jump in and have a go. Plan it slowly and use the major sites such as Facebook and Twitter to start with, you can use this as your guide, POST. This stands for:

  • People – What is your target market?
  • Objective – What do you want to achieve from using social media?
  • Strategy – How will you go about communicating with your customers? Status Updates, Coupons, Discounts etc
  • Technology – What are the main sites you’ll use to communicate your message? Facebook/Twitter

That at least will help you plan your strategy, also remember, Podcasting, Vlogging and YouTube are powerful tools in getting your message across, plus Google loves video, so use this to your advantage

3. Blogs – Create a blog and add it to your web presence, it allows you to add the personl touch to your on line marketing. ComScore’s research indicates that blogs reach over 48% of the online population in the Asia Pacific region, social media 56.1%.

Blogs are a great way to communicate with your customers and are a great customer service tool, remember though you need to make sure that your content is fresh and relevant to the target market you are aiming at. Google loves blogs because of the constantly updated information they provide and will index them very quickly as well as give them a high ranking, sometimes even over a higher authority site. WordPress provides a great platform for you to use and I’d recommend the self hosted option as you can use your own domain name and you have much more flexibility.

4. Internet Marketing – Make sure that you have your office details listed with Google business, use different keywords or categories so that you rank on different search pages in your area. Be very selfish with where your links go, think where the customer goes when they click on the link, do they go to you or a directory?

Audit your web site and its information and start to implement good keywords in your copy, remember you’re writing for the web not a newspaper, so think about how people search and what keywords they use. Get those from your own office, you have a wealth of information at your disposal, so ask your staff what words or phrases consumers use when  they contact your office, find the most frequently used and start to weave those into your articles or web pages.

5. Technology – Make sure you stay informed on technology that impacts on how your customers find you, Augmented Reality and QR codes are examples, be aware of the impact they are having and factor these into your strategy.

I hope that helps you in planning for the next 12 months, having this in place is a good start in improving the way you market and communicate with the online consumer, it also improves your businesses “Future Fitness”  for digital marketing.


Social Media Marketing: Revolutionizing Consumer Behavior


E-marketing gurus have been emphasizing for ever so long how important SEO or search engine optimizationis with regard to business. But now there is a new catchphrase doing the rounds: Social Media Optimization. It is one of the most dynamic tools of marketing and also marks a noticeable departure from traditional marketing modes. Loosely speaking, it is the cyber equivalent of ‘word of mouth’ message spread. It enables small businesses, especially, to grow and develop their own niche.

Even though small businesses are slowly getting used to the concept the contagion is spreading. Ever since online networking portals have taken over as popular socializing sites, the world of marketing has undergone a change that can only be described as cataclysmic. To be sure, transactions involving buying and selling began to contour differently once cyber technology came to be recognized as a space for trading and transactional identity. The marketing world grew smaller in space as boundaries and geographies became irrelevant.

It is a known fact that trading depends on the configuration of the consumer base. Any modification or variation in the latter brings about a concomitant change in the way trading or marketing is carried out. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have revolutionized, in fact, re-defined consumer psychology. These platforms account for a plethora of social activities online including posting blogs and messages, establishing social platforms and so on, all the while ignoring geographical, social and time boundaries.

Social media optimization (SMO) not only unites people from all classes and social structures but also instills a measure of egalitarianism. Not too long ago, and to some extent even today, a sprinkling of senior business professionals would deliberate over cups of coffee or tea a campaign to advertise their business. They would then bring their ideas to an advertising company and launch their campaign via traditional channels. Customer engagement would be almost nil or unilateral at best. But this top-down approach has changed thanks to social media optimization which has re-configured communication networks by introducing an element of hitherto unthought-of multidimensionality.

This simply means that messages seep in from everywhere and anywhere at any given time, rendering communication highly interactive. This is great news for small businesses that want to save on time with regard to ad campaigns without straining their budgets. Consumer engagement too, goes up a hundred fold at the same time. So far so good. Yet, do bear in mind that if you are running a small business you would need to make your message pithy, comprehensible, and attractive. Remember, if your content is interesting you would attract a sizeable traffic of interested readers who could ultimately end up as your buyers. To keep your consumer base permanently involved with your product and product lines lively engagement is very important. Try and make your content highly interactive and entertaining to the greatest extent possible.

At De Mellows we can make this possible through our team of SMO wizards. Contact us without delay if you want your business to grow.


Medical Office SEO Tips – Marketing Tips for Doctors


Marketing a doctor’s office can be a very difficult task that requires a large marketing budget to achieve good results. However, as marketing efforts shift to online mediums, doctors and medical practices are seeing a decrease in marketing expenditures and a boost in revenue. The smart ones that is.

By strategically utilizing online marketing channels, medical offices have the ability to not only provide medical care, but help patients on a more personal level. The approach should be to provide answers to the many questions patients have and do so in a way that is not overly self-serving. Through accurate information, doctors can educate their patients and this builds a more coherent, trustworthy relationship that will lead to longtime patients and a respectable, well-known practice that receives loads of word-of-mouth referrals.

Secondly, regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), medical practices will find that ranking high in search engines is vital to successfully marketing in the future. If a potential patient is located in Orange County and wants to find a local doctor, they will almost always jump onto a search engine and enter a query along the lines of “Orange County physician” or variations of such. The goal is to strategically place your medical website at the top of search engines so these potential patients land on your website first and not competitor sites. This is the glory of SEO.

I hope the above information has been helpful and good luck marketing your medical practice! With the right amount of effort your work will pay off.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group


Online marketing – what it is and why does it matters


Digital Marketing:  The process of promotion of brands, products, merchandise or services through one or more forms of electronic media platform is digital marketing. Like, publicity through any digital mediums that might be called as the aspect of the digital marketing strategy of a business. That might include promotional efforts through the Web, mobile phones, and social media platform.

In other words, digital marketing is the advanced technique of brand promotion through on-line, unlike traditional marketing techniques. This can be very effective, result-driven and beneficial technique of marketing if this has applied with the latest techniques. A digital marketing company, if you hire to promote your service on the web, must well know about market-oriented creativity and new innovative techniques for advertisement, and brotherlabs is one of the best seo companies in Hyderabad that deal with the delivering the best result.  Proving a convenient way to customers that they can access your business information anytime and any place just by their electronic device, digital marketing makes the best way and a well-known platform where people from all over the world can access the information easily. 

Understanding Digital MarketingIf you notice the current trend of online marketing, It’s changing consistently and growing rapidly. With the evolution of many online businesses in this industry, the concept of digital marketing strategies has been upgraded rapidly. Every startup business person or entrepreneur focuses on branding their business product and that’s why they are taking the assistance of electronic media i.e. digital marketing. They aim at branding attractively in order to boost their awareness quickly in the web world.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: A traditional business promotion take place through non-electronic or through print media in a newspaper, but in the modern corporate and commercial business demand is promoting your services through the digital platform. The marketing campaign must be well responsive and the ability of effective performance of a particular marketing strategy. 

Digital Marketing Service Provider: There are so many digital marketing companies in Hyderabad available who provides the best marketing strategy, but one thing is most important to choose the best from all. You can’t compromise with the quality to choose the wrong one. We are the best SEO company in Hyderabad and we will help you give you a right destination where you want to build your business. Reaching out all the requirements of our clients and dealing with the best marketing strategies are our goal to prove us best Seo Company in Hyderabad. 

Advantages Of Digital Marketing: Digital marketing techniques help your business to get more eyes on your website from all over the world and the web owner can easily get popularity on the web, this very important factor to be well known over the online world to get success. Our SEO services in Hyderabad are very effective and helped many entrepreneurs to grow their business online. 

Digital Marketing Techniques

Search Engine Optimization– Advanced techniques and tactics that are used to rank your website on the top. People find you on the very first page of SERPs. 

Search Engine Marketing– A paid marketing advertising techniques to get visitors in instant time. 

E-mail Marketing– Delivering business informative emails direct to the customer’s email and to extend direct conversion rates. 

Social Media Marketing– Marketing your products and services over many social media channels to increase your business popularity amongst the people worldwide. 

Mobile Marketing– Delivering business promotion activities to the mobile cell phone devices to the customers. 

Product Marketing– Increasing brand popularity over the web to finds your products easily seen to the customers. 

PPC– Internet marketing model to get traffic for specific keywords that help to get traffic and a paid marketing. 

Blogging– Brotherlabs ensure our clients to make their website designed by unique and attractive content that holds the customers to stay on your website for a long time. Blogging on high page ranking website with business relevant information helps to find your web searchable on the web. 

Social Media Optimization– One of the best technique of digital marketing that deals with the engaging the millions of customers worldwide by optimizing your website on many social media sites. It helps to increase your popularity on the web. 

Brotherlabs is one of the best SEO service provider company in Hyderabad, who provides the best online marketing solution according to their client’s requirements.  

Brotherlabs work with modern generation technology using several of electronic and digital marketing tools. Advanced SEO tools, globally recognition of your website, increased ROI, and techniques which are in trends must be very effective in reaching the top level in the industry. 

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Using Website SEO to Boost Traffic


More and more people these days are using websites as a way to help pay their bills. Some people are even using them as their sole source of income! Creating a thriving, successful website isn’t easy and it takes a lot of hard work. One of the keys in making a website successful is to know how to execute SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization” properly.

What is search engine optimization? Simply put, it’s basically the process of increasing and improving the quality and volume of traffic to a specific web page. When someone types a specific search term into a search engine, that search engine begins scanning its internal database, looking for that specific phrase, or “keyword.” Then the search engine returns reference to the web pages that best match the search terms. The higher up in the search results a web page is, the more likely it is to improve its traffic flow.

Search engine optimization is a strategy web designers and SEO specialist use to ensure a web page is one of the first web pages returned on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). SEO really becomes important when the competition for a given product or service is high. You may have the best thing going for consumers but if your search engine placement is low your traffic will suffer. So to give a web page an edge, people employ SEO tactics to place keywords within the content of their pages to improve their chances of getting traffic.

Here are some great guidelines to follow when deciding to implement SEO.

– First choose your keywords or key phrases carefully, keeping in mind that you should select only one, two or three at most for each page you decide to optimize. The keywords/phrase must be relevant to the page and must be terms that people will use to search for your product or service.

– SEO is done on a page by page basis. Each and every page of a website can be optimized but you should concentrate on 1 – 3 pages of your site (more if the site is large). No need to do SEO for an About Us or Contact Us type page.

– If possible select a URL for your site that contains the main keyword/phrase for the Home page of the site. It is difficult to find the perfect URL these days so consider being creative by using dashes (-) in the URL. I.E. (

– Make full use of Meta Tags. There are three important Meta Tags (Keywords, Description and Title). Search engines use the information defined in these tags to help determine what the page is about. Place the most important keyword/phrase as close to the front of the Meta Tag definition as possible. Keep keywords/phrase to a minimum, using too many keywords will dilute the value.

– Use the keywords/phrases within the content of the page. When you place text on the page, be sure to use the main keyword/phrase often but without excess. Overuse of the keyword/phrase can be deemed spammy by the search engines and make the page hard to read by the visitor.

– Use the keyword/phrase in main headers, Alt Tags of images or graphics on the page and if possible as anchor text links from other pages within the site. 
– Something called semantically related words and or synonyms to the keywords can be extremely effective to SERP. For instance, if your main key phrase is “wooden chairs”, words like stool or bench or seat will give additional value to the main keyword/phrase and will aid in boosting your SERP. A very good tool to assist you with the selection of semantically related words can be found at Once you find additional related words use those in the content often but again without excess. Strive to keep the written content on the page natural sounding.

SEO is an extremely powerful technique used for the sole purpose of getting available traffic for a given keyword/phrase to a web page. By careful selection of keywords/phrase and using those words appropriately on a web page, additional free traffic can be obtained.  SEO does not guarantee sales success, once a visitor makes it to the website it becomes the responsibility of the site content (text, graphics, layout, etc) to make a sale or conversion.


What is article marketing? Plus top 10 tips


In a nutshell article marketing is the term used for creating content (articles) with the aim of growing a brand or service (marketing), ideally resulting in more brand awareness or visitors to your website.

It sounds simple, right? Conceptually it’s extremely simple. However due to the increasing amount of content being published online every single day, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out.

Search engines like Google want to show users the best possible content available, therefore for you to gain the most ‘bang for your marketing buck’, it’s critical that you invest time and effort in crafting your content (more on this later in our top 10 tips for successful article marketing).

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Who does article marketing?

There are many reasons you might want to perform article marketing, here are some of the typical people who create articles on Articlesbase.

Business owners like article marketing as they can communicate new product announcements without the high cost that PR companies charge.  

Meet Alan White, he runs his own luxury chocolate business and uses Articlesbase to drive interest in his business.

Guest bloggers love article marketing because they can publish articles for free and help spread the word about their own blog/website. Articlesbase even allows them to link back to their blog/website in the article and in their profile bio.

Meet Sasha de Beausset she published a fantastic guest post here about Nutrition Fact Labels. Helping to build her own profile as a blogger.

We really like freelance journalists as they often publish a different type of content to others. Freelance journalists like Articlesbase because we do not censor their work and it allows them to build up their own personal profile.

Meet Samuel Cook, his recent article ‘A Successful Third Party Could Roil the Concept of the Presidential Mandate’ is a great example of the type of content freelance journalists create.

Article marketing is a fantastic way for people reviewing products or services to get the word out. Have you had an extremely good or bad experience using a product or service? Why not create an article about it and let other know?

Meet Sheri, she crafted a review of the top 10 amway products. She found it a great way to connect directly to the brand owners and their customers.

Marketing people love creating content as it enables them to gain more exposure to their clients brands at a relatively low cost. When they publish articles, press releases or news content to Articlesbase they can link back to their clients brand and gain more potential customers.

Marketing professional Adney shares a great piece of content on How to sell your car online.

Affiliates love article marketing as it allows them to promote products or services without having their own website. This allows them to test out many new brands before investing a lot of time and effort creating their own blogs.

Travel affiliate marketer John Martin has published many articles and links to his website, he could also link directly to the merchant to earn commission.

Recommended read: Make money article marketing with MoreNiche

Why Articlesbase for article marketing?

Articlesbase have been publishing content online since 2005, as one of the oldest and most trusted article marketing websites, we have your best interests in mind. Articlesbase is completely free of charge to submit your articles. Our editors will then review your article to ensure it meets our Minimum Posting Guidelines.

Our minimum posting guidelines are in place to ensure that you get the most return on your investment, this could be your own time (time is money!) or if you outsource article writing, we want to make sure you earn more than it costs.

We have found that investing more upfront (time or money) always delivers far superior results, with so much content being published online, quality is extremely important and what our editors look for.

At Articlesbase we are on hand every step of the way to ensure you get the best possible return from your article marketing strategy.

How to perform article marketing

This article from wikiHow is a great overview of how to perform article marketing. It’s well worth a read if you would like to learn more.

Top 10 tips for successful article marketing

Using these powerful top 10 tips to guarantee successful article marketing will not only enable you to craft amazing content but gain traffic like you would never imagine.

  1. Craft large articles – The more unique and detailed content you can provide your audience the more likely people will read and share. Research shows that articles between 3,000 to 10,000 words get shared on average 8,859 times.

  2. Ensure articles are very unique – When crafting content don’t use other sites as a template or take content from elsewhere. Create your own content from scratch, use other sites as references and research. However when you come to create your content do so from a blank page.

  3. Write about something you love – Article marketing should be easy, if you are writing about something you love, are passionate about and is genuinely a hobby, the content will almost write itself. Make content creation a joy by writing about subjects you love.

  4. Increase the quality – Ask yourself, why would somebody want to read this content? Hopefully you have fully researched the topic, have a deep understanding of the subject or can communicate the information in a fun and enjoyable way? If not, perhaps you need to perform more research before stating to craft your content.

  5. Write about niche topics for maximum exposure – When crafting content pick a subject that is very specific, something people will be searching for.For example “How many eggs should I eat per day if bodybuilding.” or “Top 10 tips for stripping a border terriers coat without any tools”.These will gain more shares and visitors than something broad, “Writing Article Content” which will have likely been written about many times before and it will be harder to create something unique that stands out.

  6. Write for your readers – When creating content, focus on who will be reading it, who is your target audience? One common mistake people make is writing for search engines. Forget keyword research, keyword stuffing and other ‘SEO’ techniques and focus on writing good quality content you can be proud of.

  7. Encourage sharing – The number of shares is your gauge as to how good your content is. The more shares you can get, the more visitors it will attract and the higher up the ranking it will become.  Ensure you share you own articles across your social media profiles. A good calculation to make is the number of shares / total views, this is your share-ability percentage.  

  8. Encourage commenting – If people are commenting on your content, asking questions and engaging, this is a very positive sign. Not only does it mean your content has engaged readers but it also gives you an opportunity to expand on the topic. This is great for readers and the more content (including comments) your articles have, the more likely they will be shared. Remember to ask your readers to ask questions in the comments box below the article.

  9. Use basic formatting – There is nothing more off putting then visiting an article and being greeted with a wall of text. Help your readers engage with your content by using basic formatting, use short paragraphs, break up the text with titles, use bolding to highlight key text and break content into bullets or numbered points.

  10. Embed cool content – Make your articles stand out from the crowd by breaking up the text with images (pinterest, instagram), small comments (twitter), conversations (facebook), videos (youtube) and other embeddable content. This will help your readers stay engaged and allows you to bring other people’s work into your content.

Bonus Tip 1:

  • Increase time on page – By crafting high quality, unique, large articles people will stay with your content longer. This is a good thing, try you embed video and other content to maximise the amount of time people engage with your content.  

Bonus Tip 2:

  • Write about topics people enjoy sharing – Some topics are just not very social and will result in less people engaging with your content. We recommend writing about topics which people enjoy talking about, this will help get your content circulated and more people viewing. Here is a list of top 10 topics people talk about on social media:

These broad topics will give you an idea about what people are sharing, however ensure you follow tip 5 and write about niche topics.

Now you are ready to get crafting articles for submission to Artcilesbase. If you follow this advice you will have no problem getting your content approved, but if you are still unsure, read our article on How to craft an article which will attract visitors and meet our posting standards.

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