Advancements in Software Development Technology 2015


Advancements in Software Development Technology 2015

Year 2015, is expected to see remarkable innovation and development in software technology. Speed of research and development in software technology is tremendous, and its relevance has also increased exponentially by mass availability. Today, software technology touches modern human life at everyplace and no human can deny importance of software technology in their life. Furthermore advancement in software strategy and development is making human life better, healthier and happier than ever before.

New trends are emerging due to advancement and development in software technology that promises to transform our life in every quarter. Though these trends could live for short span of time or might exist for lifetime, nevertheless, they’re still important and signify determined efforts by developers and engineers to make our life better.

Few of these popular trends in software development technology are:-

Innovative IT architecture

Innovation is the buzzword that is shaping futuristic IT solutions to change business IT orientation and integrate business system. Nowadays, Innovative thinkers and software engineers are deeply engrossed to develop IT architect that generate business and possess cutting edge business orientation. Traditionally, IT architect plans are purely technical but now innovative IT architect are all inclusive.

Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud computing is internet-based technology that can connect users to servers online to access software for computational work. This technology is much secure, faster, cheaper and better than traditional offline software. Major advancement has been made by Google in cloud computing followed by Open Office and Rack space. In 2011, cloud computing could witness major strive in various fields of software technology.

Socio-Factor in softwareTechnology

Social media is emerging segment of marketing that offers large scope for business opportunity. Social networking sites holds substantive portion of customers who’re willing to spend few extra bucks for better technology, product or service. Today, new terms like social media engineering, software developer and social media optimization are presenting wide variety of avenues to tap online market and attract loyal customers and create brand image. In coming scenario, software technology could play decisive role in monitoring social media image and scan bulk of data and information for stronger social media branding.

Mobile software Development

Mobile technology is not a new technology but its potential has recently been found and being scaled for innovative IT solutions. Nowadays, mobile apps are being embedded with smart phones and tablets to perform hordes of computational task that are commonly performed on a computer or laptop. IPhone and iPad largely dominates mobile app market as they’re more popular for monetization and marketing. Mobile apps cover wide variety of domains extensively such as business, marketing, utility, gaming, computation, education etc. The reason behind its greater acceptability is low-cost, largest customer base and portability.


Cyber attacks worldwide are increasing day by day, and hackers are coming up with unique techniques to penetrate through servers and sabotage security system completely. This is a matter of concern as no software development company has come up with insurmountable security system. Such a situation has triggered innovation into software security system, and by the end of 2011, we could hope to have comprehensive security solution.



Benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency


The power of online world is spreading everywhere and now people are keener on promoting their offers and services using internet. Internet is the best place for earning popularity because it has the power of changing minds.  However, an important point which should never be ignored here is that online marketing is a concept that is very much different than offline marketing because different rules and regulations are followed here. You simply can’t handle the task on your own therefore it is of high value that help should be taken from a Top digital marketing agency in Pakistan. The role played by a digital marketing agency is always very much convincing because from the creation of a website to its promotion and search engine rankings these platforms are going to provide great assistance.

Let’s put a look at some of the top benefits that can be enjoyed by hiring professionals from digital marketing agency.

  • The primary benefit is that these professionals are experienced and possess decent understanding related with marketing as well as trends of online world. Professionals are very well aware of the strategies that are essential for survival in online world and there are experts working with agency who can understand the individual requirements of each website and work on it accordingly. They have all the options and resources present so it is all about proper and timely implementation.
  • The most prominent benefit associated with the concept of digital marketing agency is search engine optimization. There is no purpose left behind marketing if your website is not successful in getting traffic. You need people and they should overview offered products and services in detail. The popularity of any website isdependent upon search engine rankings so one has to give due respect to this concept. Your marketing agency will ensure that good search engine rankings are being obtained by website even in the most difficult situations.
  • For being successful with online marketing you need to be present consistently. Internet marketing only values those who can show compatibility with fast pace and provide timely results. You need to be active and alert all the time and in these situations either its social media or your website. This sometimes is difficult to manage, but a good digital marketing agency with Top Graphic designing services can always provide decent assistance and you will be saved.Artimization is a best digital marketing agency in Pakistan that provides effective corporate branding packages.


Telemarketing: Where Do You Go From Here


Now that you’ve made the smart choice and you’ve finally decided to migrate your sales and marketing efforts to Telemarketing, there’s definitely nowhere else to go but up. Of course, the time it will take for your company to get there will depend entirely on how you approach this matter and how efficiently you maximize the most out of your telemarketing efforts.

Will you do it in-house or will you outsource? If security is an issue for your company and you’re quite convinced not one of the many telemarketing call centers out there can assure you of your company’s data security or you think that you can give your company that unique advantage because it’s one of your company’s core competencies, you’d probably do your telemarketing campaign in-house. Naturally, there will be additional costs but if your company doesn’t mind shelling out more, then, it’s all good. A company who chooses to do it in-house must:

• Hire qualified employees • Train the employee • Pay employee wages and benefits • Provide the employees their own workstations • Provide the technology needed like a computer, software and hardware, phone, Internet access, copier, fax machine, etc. • Pay for telecommunications costs

Often times the company opting for the in-house approach incurs additional expenses on top of the existing one for certain events force majeure such as:

• Scheduled vacations • Unscheduled absences • Unscheduled sick days • Unscheduled Family leave • Maternity leave

Amazingly with outsourcing, the company must only:

• Locate a reliable and high-quality vendor • Pay the vendor for the services provided

Looking at the reasons listed above, it seems obvious why majority of companies switching over their sales and marketing to telemarketing, choose outsourcing as the most practical and cost-effective solution to increasing their profit. Management can focus more on resolving core issues without distractions because their outsourced services are being taken care of by the telemarketing side.

It’s important to know and understand that telemarketing is not the be-all end-all of sales strategies. Instead, it’s just one method of performing the sales process. Just like other tried and tested sales method, success in closing a sale over the phone is dependent on finding qualified prospects to call.

But let’s be clear, not all telemarketing programs are successful. Some fail due to improper handling and execution, unrealistic goals on a short time frame, oversimplifying important concerns, and lack of top management support. These reasons just to name a few have caused good telemarketing campaigns to fail just like that. Like any marketing strategy, telemarketing takes careful, well thought planning and development. It needs nurturing. It takes time to gain confidence in the process, identify areas for improvements, and to predict results.

Some of the most common mistakes telemarketing companies make:

• telemarketing wasn’t even considered as an option • the lack or absence of total commitment • failing to develop a proper database and lead generation • improper human resource planning and allocation • not having proper scripts and call guides • lack of quality control

Identifying the most common reasons why telemarketing companies fail and learning from them should be a good start for you and your company. Hopefully, we’ve also established that outsourcing your sales and marketing endeavors is the only choice if success is to be guaranteed. These should put you a little closer to being a mature, marketable and profitable company. Be a step ahead of the competition, in a manner of speaking. Now that you know all these, it’s time to act, sit back, relax and let the gears of telemarketing turn and work to your advantage.


Social Media Marketing : A Preferred Digital Marketing Channel for Small Businesses


Today, small businesses are extensively making use of social media strategies to gain awareness and share in the market. They have identified the need to re-imagine business with a social mindset.

From a start- up or small business perspective, marketing through social media is more than just gaining likes, increasing  fans and followers,  re-pins and re-tweets, rather it has become powerful tool for brand promotion and lead generation. Small businesses that fail to create profiles on relevant social media channels forgo a crucial chance to engage with their potential target audiences, develop a unique story, and create a face for their brand in the virtual market.

Social media can make a big difference for small businesses at a low marketing cost and plays a significant role in to their marketing efforts

Most small companies don’t have that kind of money, time, or stamina that is required for carrying big marketing campaigns. Instead with social media gaining momentum they focus on expanding brand awareness, increasing traffic on the website, and building loyal followers. The use of Social Media Marketing Services enhance customer engagement and help in communicating regular updates to a set of targeted audience who could be the prospective clients.

Promoting the company’s brand name through social media posts are like virtual flyers or the online versions of newspaper advertisements. They build name recognition and help your budding business to form a reputed brand identity. The use of Social Media Optimization Services comprising networking sites like twitter, facebook, google+ etc., help in to building the brand,  generation of new sales prospects and to draw attention of prospective customers

It is vital to track metrics within your social media accounts dashboards to get the most of social media. The following performance indicators can be used to examine if your posts are boosting your brand or not:

•Impressions and reach- An impression maybe referred to number of times your particular post showed up in somebody’s feed. Reach on the other hand measures how many persons actually saw your posts. It may so happen that the same post shows up multiple times in someone’s feed.

•Mentions- Track how often your business is highlighted on the social media.

•Follower growth- Track the number of fans and followers on your networks and how much followers grow over a period of time. If you notice that a particular post or promotional offer attracts a lot of followers, create more and more of those posts or offers.

•Location- Gathering followers from a certain city, region , state, or country at large could open your eyes to gaining business prospects and expansion opportunities.

•Sentiment- Track sentiment of the mass by searching for the name of your company or username followed by words like “admire,” “best,” “bad,” or “fail.”

With customers exploring social media to get feedback on their ideas, products and services and procurement channels and methods, small businesses rely immensely on new-fangled social business methods. Social business methods have become the trick to increasing the number of clients on the other side of the counter, either real or virtual.

The shift in approach to Social Media Optimization Services in India by small Indian business houses is a huge turning point and is bound to propel their growth in the virtual market.




How to Maximize Website Promotion Through PPC Bid Management System in Ppc Online Advertising


Tools for Internet Marketing have been rising to popularity these days because of cost-effectiveness and the possibility of measuring increase in profits and sales. Now, I am going to give you how to maximize website promotion and earn big money from your website through Ppc Online Advertising along with ppc bid management system.

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Pay Per Click Advertising (or called Ppc Online Advertising) is a means to advertise business through the use of keywords/phrases in the search engines. The advertiser is required to only pay for each click that sends a visitor to his website. Search engines such as Overture, Google Adwords, Search Yahoo and Miva are just some examples of search engines. They offer top positions among the sponsored listings for particular keywords/phrases you choose. The idea for bidding is you have to buy/bid on keywords/phrases relevant to your business. The highest bidder gets to be on the top of the search result listing and the second highest bidder, of course, gets the next top listing and so on. Every time a visitor clicks on your website, you will have to pay the same amount that you bid on that particular keyword.

Ppc Online Advertising can be very costly, time consuming and sometimes not worthy. But if you know how to go about the step by step procedures, Ppc Online Advertising is a welcome change to traditional advertising.

If you do your searches for products, articles and auctions in the net, you usually type in a keyword or a set of phrase to guide you in your search. Either you use Google or Yahoo! Search Marketing depending on where you are most comfortable at and where you usually get the best results. As soon as you key in the search button, immediately a long list of keywords or phrase will be displayed containing the keywords you key in. The first or the top link that you saw is most likely the one who bids the highest for that keyword you type. In this way, businessmen will produce the desired results; they get to be advertised, at the same time, saving and spending only for the clicks they need that might translate to potential sales.

The right way to start Ppc bid management system is to identify first the maximum cost per click (CPC) you are willing to pay for given keyword phrases. CPC varies from time and even search engine to search engine too. Maximum CPC can be measured by averaging the current costs of bids (bids range from $0.25 to $5). Average of these bids is to be used as the maximum CPC to begin with. As your ad campaign progresses, the actual conversion rate (visitors turning to potential buyers/sales) will be determined and you may have to adjust your CPC (bidding rate) accordingly.

When you start to bid, see to it that you adopt different bidding strategies for various search engines. Search engines have their own Ppc Online Advertising systems that require different approaches. It is also worthy to identify different bids for the same keyword phrases in various search engines.
Additionally, it is wiser not to bid for the top spot (or general keyword phrases) for two reasons: 1) It is very expensive and impractical, and 2) Surfers usually try different search queries in various search engines before they settle on the right one that fits to what they are looking for. This hardly results to conversion. I highly recommend you to try to bid for the fifth spot instead and work your way up.

If you are now going steady on your Ppc Online Advertising biddings, it is time for you to develop your own bidding strategy accordingly. It is important for you to track down which sites bring the bulk of your traffic and identify the ranking of your paid ads. This will help your bidding strategy to be effective and you should also decide where you want your ad to be positioned. Usually your maximum CPC will limit your choices.

Bid gaps (e.g. $ 0.40, 0.39, bid gap, 0.20, 0.19, 0.18) occur when there is a significant price increase to move up one spot in the Ppc Online Advertising rankings. It is best if you take advantage of the bid gaps by filling them in so you can save up your cents to other bidding opportunities. Often there are keywords worthy of lesser bids to get the appropriate ranking on the list and produce a good number of clicks and higher conversion rate rather than bidding higher but having a poor conversion rate. You have to put in mind that overbidding too is not good but rather the best position for the most effective bid.

Using ppc bid management system in promoting your website will only be successful if you take time building many lists across many engines and studying the performance of every listing. In this approach, you can make the most value from what you spend in the bidding process. The key is to use the necessary precautions to stay ahead of the competition.

PPC Bid Management Systems

In ensuring best results, you may use ppc bid management systems. There are accepted and approved management tools that will help you in your bidding. They are categorized in two different types: 1) Web based (services by monthly subscription) and 2) PC based (purchased software)

Monitoring tools too may help in the tracking down of your keywords/phrases and search engines as to which among them often generate sales, overall and in relation to your cost per click. This is what you call return of investment (ROI) monitoring.

ROI value is the most significant factor for your success in Ppc Online Advertising. All you have to do in Ppc Online Advertising is to keep your eyes on ROI and try to maximize ROI as much as possible.

These ppc bid management systems may include additional functions that may not get from online marketing tools that are readily available. Other tools can monitor competitor’s bids, produce reports for different parties and offer the ability to interface with multiple Ppc Online Advertising engines. This is particularly helpful to those who manage more than a hundred keywords across several PPC engines to boost productivity and save time.

The ppc bid management system is ideal for the effective promotion of your home based internet marketing business online without the hassles of draining your financial keeping too much. It is now fast catching up as a means used in marketing your goods and services to reach to as many consumers as possible.

Final thoughts, many success stories show that ppc bid management system is one of the most effective and significant for your success in Ppc Online Advertising. All you have to do is to maximize your ROI with ppc bid management system & strategy. Without the proper ppc bid management system or strategy, it is difficult to earn big money in Ppc Online Advertising.

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Why Bookkeeping Services Is Necessary for Online Marketers?


Even for an online marketer, accounting is a necessary evil, so to say. Many online marketers are small business owners who typically run a one man show. And, most must be maintaining their own records and books with no outside help. Such online marketers may enjoy the freedom Internet marketing affords, but when it comes to filing their taxes annually, they may struggle to tally books and file their taxes. This is where online marketers can benefit from outsourced bookkeeping services run by cost efficient solutions providers.

Expertise and Knowledge
Online marketers have different expertise and skills that definitely don’t involve bookkeeping. Without this expertise, online marketers risk infringing tax laws, and they also will take forever to maintain seamless records of overheads, sales, insurance, payment for office supplies and other expenses. Bookkeeping services for small business come with the required expertise and knowledge to make bookkeeping an effortless task.

Report Generation and Analysis
Any online marketer knows that he has to study trends, perform analysis and check ROI regularly to determine whether an online campaign is a success or not. With outsourced bookkeeping for small business, online marketers get more than traditional bookkeeping services. The bookkeeping service provider will ensure online marketers get access to all financial reports and financial data when required.

Maintain a “Real” Online Business
Online marketing means spending a lot of time on the Internet to get leads, create awe-inspiring online ads and market and sell products or services. However, if an online marketers ends up maintaining physical books and ledgers, it can turn out to be quite cumbersome and tedious. Virtual bookkeeping for small business allows online marketers to have a truly online business where everything, including financial records and backups are maintained in the cloud for real time and easy access.

Adhere to Budgets
Nearly all online marketers have trusted advisors and mentors they rely and depend on for advice on online marketing and acquiring leads. Many times, the advice they receive can result in them exceeding their advertising and marketing budgets or taking incorrect decisions. With reputable, experienced and knowledgeable bookkeeping services for small business, online marketers have no reason to worry when it comes to their finances and budgets. The bookkeeping service has the experience and skill to help online marketers stick to their budgets and spend within their means. This valuable service ensures there is no disruption in cash inflow or outflow.

Online marketing is a competitive line of business. It requires complete attention and dedication to make an online business a success. However, when online marketers manage their own accounts and bookkeeping, it detracts them from their core business activities and this could spell disaster for them. Quality centric bookkeeping services for small business offer peace of mind to online marketers, who can then devote their time to core business activities and work to make their online business a success.


Online Marketing Strategy for Local Businesses


Many businesses spend a ton of money on internet marketing and are often dissatisfied with the results. Imagine spending a small – or large – fortune on a marketing plan with an advertising company and then have it fail miserably. Why put your company in a position where your marketing suffers? A successful local business depends on a well-planned and streamlined marketing strategy. A solid solution is to create at local business profiles on the internet that cost little and generate many leads. Efficient and productive search engine marketing will attract the desired clientele.

It is always a challenging task to market a small business. You have to compete with larger companies, companies who have been in the business for many years, and with other people who will do anything to obtain a client’s business. You need to stand apart from the others, demonstrate what your business can offer clients, and how you are different. Serving locally can be your advantage over these large companies that serve globally.

Management of a small business is difficult, as it largely depends on a shoestring budget. You don’t have a lot of money to spend, but you want your business to be a success. Also, professional practices and small businesses are based on the support of the local community. You need to serve local customers and have them use your services. However, proper use of local business directory resources on the Internet can pave the way for better and higher search engine rankings while providing support from the local community and potential customers. And this form of marketing is easily done on a small budget. Add your business to local business directories and start to serve the local clients while working on high search engine rankings that will help you serve outside your community soon.

One method to improve search engine rankings is article promotion. Articles containing the best local advertising tips meant for local businesses are different from web sites created for general business information. In these articles you can add active links to your website. It is best to have two separate links: one geared towards locality and the other for general business. The idea is to maximize business by driving significant traffic towards a web site. Only effective marketing leads generation can be the answer for a successful local business.

Web sites targeting local businesses should be search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. As a form of local advertising, search engine marketing is a gold mine for running locally operated businesses successfully. The technology is not complicated. Web sites offering competitive online solutions for marketing problems can enhance the profit margins of a local business by targeting the local population with local business categories. Best of all, you will be reaching the clients you want to reach – the ones who will use your services, who live within your community, and who will become your long term customers. By going local, you are maximizing opportunities in the area you want to target – right in your own backyard, so to speak.


Benefits of Marketing Through the Internet


The process of operating an Internet marketing campaign, which is also known as online marketing or e-marketing, is thru the promotion or marketing of products or services, by using the Internet as the main vehicle.
The advent of the Worldwide Web has brought many revolutionary benefits to the art of selling and marketing, and this includes the low cost of distributing information and media to a wider audience. This online method’s interactive nature, in terms of getting instant response and in eliciting customer response, are one of the best qualities of this method.
How Internet Marketing Works
In implementing a successful Web marketing program, online e-tailers need to understand that this method is a process of growing and promoting an organization using online media. For more details new marketing method does not simply mean ‘creating a Web site’ or promoting one, because behind that Web site is a real organization that has a clearly defined set of goals. The strategies of Internet marketing includes all facets of online advertising products, services, and websites, including market research, email marketing, and direct sales.
Benefits Of Marketing Through The Internet
According to Web-savvy marketing people, one of the major benefits associated with this online marketing process, is being able to garner a wide amount of information. Online consumers can access the Internet and research products, as well as purchase them at any time of the day. Businesses that use online marketing can also save money because they do not need to create a large sales force presence.
To sum it up, this novel form of Web marketing helps businesses expand from just being in a local market, to a national or international level, and in a much faster way. When this method is compared to other types of traditional media like radio, print or television, online marketing does have an advantage when it comes to low startup costs.
Tough Aspects To Deal For Online Marketers
According to marketing veterans, the hardest part of running an online marketing campaign, is in finding a targeted group to market to. By creating a list, you already have a targeted group that has given you permission to market to them, as this also allows you to develop a relationship with them, as you provide them relevant information, and also suggest which products are beneficial for them. It’s much easier to market and sell to the people on your list than simply relying on cold leads, and the best part is that you can also repeat the process and sell to them over and over again.
Other Online Marketing Strategies
– Marketing Through Social Networks
Getting customers and generating sales afterwards would be better if you could also penetrate the popular world of social networking sites. For more details Most online businesses today are now switching to social networking sites to market their services and products. Sites like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace are seen to be playing major roles, and these sites in the future would certainly be top destinations for online shoppers.
While traditional methods of marketing also offer some means of reaching its target audience, the opportunity created by Internet marketing has grown to be the most popular marketing medium, and many businesses today are aggressively using search engine optimization and other techniques to quickly get in touch with remote consumers.


56 Social Media Websites Every Business Needs To Be On


These websites help your company network, advertise, learn, grow, recruit, make new clients and more.

We get loads of hits everyday from our social media optimisation strategy and websites. These hits convert into work, valuable feedback, networking, sources of fresh marketing communications information and much more.

(Please Note: If we’ve missed your favorite social media site or you know of others worth mentioning, we appreciate you letting us know, so we can add it to this list.)

If your business limits its online presence to blogging, posting articles on article websites, advertising banners and search engine marketing it’s missing out. The Internet provides powerful networking opportunities that allow users to effectively target their audience by logging onto social media sites like LinkedIn, Digg, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Take advantage of these tools by asserting your company’s presence online and reaching more potential customers, business partners, employees, likeminded peers and friends. With a little bit of copywriting and some ongoing maintanence you can reap the rewards for our diligence.

linking people to your business

website :

blog: christopher copywriter’s blog

Social Media/Social Bookmarking Sites.

Share your favorite Websites and newsworthy articles with your business partners. They can comment and upload their own favorite articles and Websites. You can also create a member profile that directs traffic back to your company’s Web site. It also helps with your Websites rankings.

1. StumbleUpon: Open your online presence up to a whole new audience just by adding the StumbleUpon toolbar to your browser and “channel surfing” the Web. You’ll connect with friends and share your new Website discoveries,” as well as “meet people who have similar interests.” Fun. Fun. Fun.

2. Reddit: Upload stories and articles on Reddit to drive traffic to your site or blog. Submit items often so that you’ll gain a more loyal following and increase your online presence.

3. Social bookmark your way to better business with sites like, which invite users to organize and publicize interesting items through tagging and networking.

4. Digg: Digg has a massive following online because of its optimum usability. Visitors can submit and browse articles in categories like technology, business, entertainment, sports and more.

5. Technorati: If you want to increase your blog’s readership, consider registering it with Technorati, a network of blogs and writers that lists top stories in categories like Entertainment, Business and Technology.

6. Myspace: MySpace is a place for friends, for personal expression, for connecting with the world. You can alert all your friends at once with any length of blog entry. Now very popular for businesses too.

7. Ning: After hanging around the same social networks for a while, you may feel inspired to create your own, where you can bring together clients, vendors, customers and co-workers in a confidential, secure corner of the Web. Ning lets users design free social networks that they can share with anyone.

8. Squidoo: According to Squidoo, “everyone’s an expert on something. Share your knowledge!” Share your industry’s secrets by answering questions and designing a profile page to help other members.

9. Furl: Make Furl “your personal Web file” by bookmarking great sites and sharing them with other users by recommending links, commenting on articles and utilizing other fantastic features.

10. Tubearoo: This video network works like other social-bookmarking sites, except that it focuses on uploaded videos. Businesses can create and upload tutorials, commentaries and interviews with industry insiders to promote their own services.

11. WikiHow: Create a how-to guide or tutorial on wikiHow to share your company’s services with the public for free.

12. YouTube: From subjects like, “How to dribble a basketball,” to naughty party boy “Corey Delainey,” everyone has a video floating around on YouTube. Shoot a behind-the-scenes video from your company’s latest commercial or event to give customers and clients an idea of what you do each day and how you like to do it.

13. Ma.gnolia: Share your favorite sites with friends, colleagues and clients by organizing your bookmarks with Ma.gnolia. Clients will appreciate both your Internet-savviness and your ability to stay current and organized.

14. Propeller: A fun source of information on pretty much everything. Add your articles. Promote and demote others articles.

15. Kirsty: A colourful website for articles, features and information on life, the universe and everything.

16. Urlesque: A internet themed, video clip, article posting and sharing website.

17. Netvouz: Netvouz is a social bookmarking service that allows you to save your favorite links online and access them from any computer, wherever you are.

Professional Social Networking Sites.

Join these online networking communities as a company or individual and take full advantage of recruiting and client opportunities, cross-promotional events, the chance to help out and more.

18. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a popular networking site where alumni, business associates, recent graduates and other professionals connect online.

19. Facebook: Facebook is no longer just for college kids who want to post their party pics. Businesses vie for advertising opportunities, event promotion and more on this social-networking site.

20. Once you’ve acquired a group of contacts in your city by networking on, organize an event so that you can meet face-to-face.

21. YorZ: This networking site doubles as a job site. Members can post openings for free to attract quality candidates.

22. Xing: An account with networking site Xing can “open doors to thousands of companies.” Use the professional contact manager to organize your new friends and colleagues, and take advantage of the Business Accelerator application to “find experts at the click of a button, market yourself in a professional context [and] open up new sales channels.”

23. Ecademy: Ecademy prides itself on “connecting business people” through its online network, blog and message-board chats, as well as its premier BlackStar membership program, which awards exclusive benefits.

24. Care2: Care2 isn’t just a networking community for professionals: It’s touted as “the global network for organizations and people who Care2 make a difference.” If your business is making efforts to go green, let others know by becoming a presence on this site.

25. Gather: This networking community is made up of members who think. Browse categories concerning books, health, money, news and more to ignite discussions on politics, business and entertainment. This will help your company tap into its target audience and find out what they want.

26. Ryze: Ryze lets members organize contacts and friends; upcoming events; and even job, real-estate and roommate classifieds.

27. Tribe: Cities like Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, New York and Chicago have unique online communities on tribe. Users can search for favorite restaurants, events, clubs and more.

28. Ziggs: Ziggs is “organizing and connecting people in a professional way.” Join groups and make contacts through your Ziggs account to increase your company’s presence online and further your own personal career.

29. Plaxo: Join Plaxo to organize your contacts and stay updated with feeds from Digg,, and more.

30. NetParty: If you want to attract young professionals in cities like Boston, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Orlando Fla., create an account with the networking site NetParty. You’ll be able to connect with qualified, up-and-coming professionals online, then meet them at a real-life happy-hour event where you can pass out business cards, pitch new job openings and more.

31. Networking For Professionals: Networking For Professionals is another online community that combines the Internet with special events in the real world. Post photos, videos, résumés and clips on your online profile while you meet new business contacts.

32. Naymz: A search engine optimised professional networking site which ranks out of ten, ones professional reputation amongst reviews from ones peers and those who know you.

Niche Social Media Sites.

Consider linking up with one of these Social Media Websites to narrow down your business’s target audience. You’ll find other professionals, enthusiasts and consumers who are most likely already interested in what your company has to offer.

33. SEO TAGG: Stay on top of news from the Web marketing and SEO (search-engine optimization) industries by becoming an active member of this online community.

34. Pixel Groovy: Web workers will love Pixel Groovy, an open-source site that lets members submit and rate tutorials for Web 2.0, email and online-marketing issues.

35. Mixx: Mixx prides itself on being “your link to the Web content that really matters.” Submit and rate stories, photos and news to drive traffic to your own site. You’ll also meet others with similar interests.

36. Small Business Brief: When members post entrepreneur-related articles, a photo and a link to their profile appear, gaining you valuable exposure and legitimacy online.

37. Sphinn:Sphinn: Sphinn is an online forum and networking site for the Internet marketing crowd. Upload articles and guides from your blog to create interest in your own company or connect with other professionals for form new contacts.

38. This one-stop news resource is great for businesses that want to contribute articles on a variety of subjects, from the environment to politics to health.

39. HubSpot: HubSpot is another news site aimed at connecting business professionals.

40. Tweako: Gadget-minded computer geeks can network with each other on Tweako, a site that promotes information sharing for the technologically savvy.

General Social Media Sites.

The following social media Websites provide excellent opportunities for businesses to advertise; promote specials, events or services; and tend to feature published and knowledgeable employees.

41. Wikipedia: Besides creating your own business reference page on Wikipedia, you can connect with other users on Wikipedia’s Community Portal and at the village pump, where you’ll find conscientious professionals enthusiastic about news, business, research and more. Get creative.

42. Newsvine: Feature top employees by uploading their articles, studies or other news-related items to this site. A free account will also get you your own column and access to the Newsvine community.

43. 43 Things: This site bills itself as “the world’s most popular online goal setting community.” By publicizing your company’s goals and ambitions, you’ll gain a following of customers, investors and promoters who cheer you on as you achieve success.

44. Wetpaint: If you’re tired of blogs and generic Web sites, create your own wiki with Wetpaint to reach your audience and increase your company’s presence online. You can easily organize articles, contact information, photos and other information to promote your business.

45. Frappr: Embed a Frappr map and guestbook into your company’s Web page so that you can pinpoint exactly how users find your site, discover in real-time what they have to say about your company profile and services, and create an “interactive, fun and engaging” spot for visitors.

46. Yahoo! Answers: Start fielding Yahoo! users’ questions with this social-media Q&A service. Search for questions in your particular areas of expertise by clicking categories like Business & Finance, Health, News & Events and more. If you continue to dole out useful advice and link your answer to your company’s Web page, you’ll quickly gain a new following of curious customers.

Job Sites.

If you want to secure high-quality talent during your company’s next hiring spree, you’ll need to maintain a strong presence on popular job sites like the ones we’ve listed below.

47. Mycareer: A popular source of jobs for the job hunter in Australia. Owned by Fairfax media who bring us the Sydney Morning Herald everyday. Post your CV for recruiters to find. Get detailed personality type information.

48. SEEK: Australia’s #1 recruitment, career and employment site. It has special sections for 100k plus executives and offers helpful tools and job hunting sector statistics.

49. If your firm wants to hire promising entry-level employees, check for candidates with college degrees.

50. Monster: Post often to separate your business from all the other big companies that use this site to advertise job openings.

51. Sologig: Top freelancers and contractors post résumés and look for work on this popular site.

52. This site “offers self-employed small business owners links to freelance & work at home job boards, self-promotion tips” and more.

53. Freelance Switch Job Listings: Freelance Switch is the freelancer’s online mecca and boasts articles, resource toolboxes, valuable tips and a job board.

54. GoFreelance: Employers looking to boost their vendor base should check GoFreelance for professionals in the writing, design, editing and Web industries.

55. Reach millions of candidates by posting jobs on this must-visit site.

56. Career Journal: The Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal attracts well-educated professionals who are at the top of their game. Post a job or search résumés here.

linking people to your business

blog: christopher copywriter’s blog


SEO Checklist for the Do it Yourself Business Professional



Internet Marketing.

By incorporating these essential elements into your overall marketing campaign, you will begin to see the cost-effective benefits of Search Engine Optimization.

1. Commit Thyself to the Process. SEO is not a one-time event. Search engine algorithms change regularly, so the tactics that worked six months ago most likely not work now or six months from now. SEO requires a long-term commitment in order to be successful.

2. Patient is a Virtue. SEO is not about instant results. Results often take months to see, and this is especially true if you are small company, and if you are new at doing business in the online world.

3. Ask a lot of questions when hiring an SEO company or Contractor. It’s important to know what kind of tactics the company or contractor uses to get you the results you desire. Ask about the techniques and practices they use. Ask if the techniques and practices they use are ETHICAL (White Hat) or UNETHICAL (Black Hat) . Then go online and do some research. Research the company, and the tactics they employ, etc.

4. Teach Yourself the SEO Way. If you’re an avid do-it-yourself (DIY) type, it’s important to become familiar with SEO and learn as much as you can. There are a million Web resources you can check out by simply googling “SEO Techniques”.

5. Install Web Analytics from the Get Go. You should have clearly defined goals in mind for your SEO implementation, and you’ll need web analytics software installed so you can track what works and what does not.

6. Build a Great Website from the Ground Up with SEO in Mind. Every business or entrepreneur wants to show up on the first page of Google or Yahoo, but consider asking yourself this: “Is my site a valuable resource for what it is I am offering? Are people going to come to my site to learn abut the product or service they want?” If not, make it so. Remember “Give” is the new “Take” when it comes to marketing yourself on the web. Give users relevant information and present it in clear and concise language that’s easy to understand.

7. Consider the Benefits of a Sitemap. Spiders will not index pages they cannot crawl. A site map helps spiders locate all of the important pages on your site, and helping them understand your site’s architecture and navigation will only serve to get you a higher rank.

8. Make SEO-friendly URLs. Use keywords in your URLs and file names, such as’t over do it though as search engines are always looking for spammy text and spammy links. If you look like spam, then expect to be treated like spam.

9. Keyword Research at the Start of the Project and Throughout the Life of your Business. Continual Keyword research is what brings you customers and visitors that convert to sales. There are seveal free versions to use like Keyword Discovery or WordTracker, and Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool,

10. Open a Pay Per Click (PPC) Account. Google’s AdWords and Yahoo’s Search Marketing are a great way to get search volume for your chosen keywords, but they cost money to use them. If your budget allows for them, then by all means use them! If you have the budget, it’s worth the investment. If you are looking for instant visibility and traffic, then this is a great option. Note: PPC Campaigns are not a “set it and forget it” solution. You must consistently monitor it or else you can risk wasting a lot of money. PPC Works well if you understand how it works.

11. Always Use Unique and Relevant Title and Meta Descriptions on Every Page on your Site. The page title is the single most important on-page SEO factor. It’s rare to rank highly for a primary term (2-3 words) without that term being part of the page title. The meta description tag won’t help you rank, but it will often appear as the text below your listing in search, so it should include the relevant keyword(s) and be written so as to encourage searchers to click on your listing.

12. Write for Users First, Search Second. Google, Yahoo, etc., have spider bots crawling the web constantly, but spiders and crawlers do not buy from you nor do they sign up for your newsletters. These are all human functions so keep humans in mind when writing articles. Nothing makes you look worse than writing an article that’s hard to read or uninteresting because its so full of spammy text or redundant text. I used to work for an SEO company here in Los Angeles that was always trying to get me to write spammy text and use UNETHICAL SEO Practices and I remember hearing the Project Manager complain on a daily basis that Google hated us for our practices(well, I refused to do it, so it wasn’t me). I was eventually laid off (Supposedly because of a bad economy, but I think it was because they were using UNETHICAL practices in SEO which I refused to do) and we just didn’t meet eye to eye. I was pretty relieved to say the least when we parted ways and business has been great for me since I left that company. I learned a lot back then and I learned that sticking to my principles has given me a very strong edge in the LA marketplace. At any rate, keep content readable.

13. Create Great, Unique Content. If you’re selling the same product or service that 100 other retailers are selling, and everyone is using the standard manufacturer descriptions, then this is your time to shine. Write your own product descriptions, using the keyword research I mentioned earlier in this article to target actual words and phrases that searchers use, and make product pages that reflect that. Another important point to consider is whether you are a retailer, service provider, writer, artist, etc., great content is a great way to get inbound links from others for free.

14. Use your Keywords as Anchor Text When Linking Internally. Anchor text helps tells spiders what the linked-to page is about. Links that say “click here” do nothing for your search engine visibility.

15. Build Links Intelligently. Submit your site to quality, trusted directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ,, Aviva, and Best of the web. Seek links from authority sites in your industry. If local search matters to you, get links from trusted sites in your geographic area—the Chamber of Commerce, etc. Analyze the inbound links to your competitors to find links you can acquire, too.

16. Start a Blog and Participate with Other Related Blogs. Search engines, Google especially, love blogs for the fresh content and highly-structured data. Beyond that, there’s no better way to join the conversations that are already taking place about your industry and/or company. Reading and commenting on other blogs can also increase your exposure and help you acquire new links. Put your blog at so your main domain gets the benefit of any links to your blog posts. If that’s not possible, use

So here are several things to get you started in online marketing. While this is not a complete list, it will get you well on your way to becoming more visible in search.